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Blades / Hammers Preview.


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West Ham Preview

By philipl

Quite a number of us wonder whether we should be playing West Ham at all this Sunday. The Arbitrators of Sheffield United's appeal in the Tevez affair commented they would have deducted points (and thereby relegated) West Ham had they been originally sitting in judgment originally but the £5.5million fine and no points deduction was within the range of punishments the FA Committee could have given and so they were not empowered to change it.

Of course the Tevez- inspired escape was an astonishing achievement more than somewhat tarnished in footballing terms by the Devine impact of the hand ball, off side and never crossed the line goal at Ewood Park without which West Ham would still have gone down.

So in the spirit if fair play and all that is good about England, I asked Paul Holland of www.blades-mad.co.uk to help preview Sunday's game from the perspective of the club many believe we should have been playing this season

Click here for full preview

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