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[Archived] Where Do I Introduce Myself On This Message Board


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I just think its funny that you give yourself a nickname of Iceman and then give your nickname a nickname of Iccers :lol:

mmm,actually it was members of the official board that shortened my nick from iceman to iccers...lol although i have been called iccicle,cool bananas,ice ice baby and a few others that ive used. :lol:

hope that explains it cockface :brfcsmilie:

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im from Cape town yes....i got banned for saying how much i love Lee(Admin)..can you believe that i got banned for expressing my feelings for the groobster....

:lol: i can imagine...

so what exactly was it that got you banned??

couldnt of just been that for him to ban you premanantly how long ago was it aswell?

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