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Premiership Clubs Are Killing The Game.


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Yesterdays results didn’t reflect highly the attitude of Premiership clubs to the FA Cup.

Whilst managers may pay lip service in the importance of the tradition on the FA Cup, this is not reflected in team selection or the attitude of so called professional players. Reading striker Dave Kitson was honest enough to say "We are not going to win the FA Cup and I do not care less about it, I care about staying in the Premier League, as does everybody at this club. Our league status is not protected by winning the FA Cup - simple as that."

If this is the attitude that is prevalent throughout the Premiership, then it is no surprise that Blackburn and Bolton were beaten by Championship sides Coventry and Sheffield United, whilst Everton and Birmingham lost to League One clubs Oldham and Huddersfield.

When Premiership players have a couldn’t care less attitude and Premiership managers are making sweeping changes in team selection for Cup games, this is an insult to the competition and to supporters who follow their respective clubs week in week out.

It could be stated that the fear of relegation from the Premiership is killing the FA Cup, however for clubs outside the top four, the FA Cup and Carling Cup is the most realistic competition that fans of other premiership clubs have of gaining any silverware.

With mid table security, for many fans, the season is now over, yet sadly mercenary players with as Kitson put it; “I do not care” attitude will continue to collect obscene salaries.

With televised football at a saturation point, lack lustre performances and obscene salaries, this will surely reflect on attendances that will ultimately be the death of premiership football for many clubs, as fans transfer their allegiances to other leisure activities.

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