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[Archived] Best Stand At Ewood?

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We're near enough the worst fans in the league in my opinion, we hardly sing, the away fans always outsing us. We hardly stand up at away games, we harldy stand up at home games. Look at the other clubs, whenever there's a big game there fans are always stood up behind the goal for example, The Kop, Stretford End etc.

The away fans at 95%+ of league matchs I have been to, which is a figure somewhere in the thousands, have always outsung the home fans.

And to cite the Stretford End as an example shows ignorance. The old stretty might as well, the new one - no chance.

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I know this is a stupid question but I just want to be sure. Can you buy tickets at the gate on matchdays

Yes, well at the ticket office anyway. Get there early though as theres usually a pretty big que from about a hour/30 mins to kick off.

Its just against the likes Man u, Liverpool, etc where you cant buy tickets on the day.

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