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[Archived] Best Free Kick Ever ?

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Its a very very good free-kick but i agree that one of Carlos was better, it curles out and then back in. However this season hats off to Ronaldo he has been world class.

He plays on the left

he plays on the rigggght

that boy bentley

makes Beckham look @#/?

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Not really the best struck free kick but one that I like was when we played city once (I think it was city anyway - may be corrected by someone) They put up a wall and Le Saux stood over the free kick. The keeper covered the other side of the wall. Shearer just wandered over to the wall and turned on his heals and ran away - the wall followed him leaving ball to be smashed into the back of the net.

If I watched it again now it might not be that good but in my head as I remember it I like it.

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You don't seem to get the clever passing free kicks these days, the ones were the taker would dummy a shot and pass the ball starting off a one touch passing move that led to somebody having an easy shot at goal.

I remember a Rovers v Arsenal game years ago when Jack Marshall was manager, we did a brillant passing movement that bewildered Arsenal only for Byrom to hit the post from an open goal ! Funny thing was we never tried it again. I suppose with T.V. at every game these days you could only do it once, in the old days only Arsenal would have been ready for it.

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I can't believe it's being compared with the best in the world. It was good, but you see one of them every week in the big few leagues.

As a free kick it wasn't as good as many including Gazza's, Carlos', and a few of Juninho's.

Ronaldo as a free kick taker isn't as good as Pirlo, Juninho, Carlos, Beckham etc....

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