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[Archived] 7 Subs!


7 subs  

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  1. 1. Seven substututes?

    • No way, its a ploy that makes the big clubs, just that bit bigger.
    • Simply don't see the need for it.
    • Undecided as yet.
    • Great idea for all clubs. Keeps more players happy.
    • If it gets Grooby on the pitch, well hell yeah, - go for it.

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Finally. Took the prem long enough to get to this. Gives us more options. I also like the change because it gets younger players the opportunity to get on the bench in smaller squads like ours. And once they're there, the chance of getting a couple of minutes is probably increased. And even if they don't get to play, at least it can't harm their confidence to be on the bench once in a while instead of never.

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It means the richer clubs can afford to hang onto more of their fringe players with less for the rest of us to feed on.

Imagine the situation where Arsenal are winning 2-0 so bring Bentley on most weeks, or at least some weeks.... would he have kicked up a fuss and come here?

I doubt it.

AS said elsewhere.

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Yeah, but it means 18 players have a chance of playing at the weekend, so big clubs will be able to keep more players happy.

Why not just let teams make 7 subs, this is inevitably where things are going.

Perhaps allow 11 substitutions per game, to be permed from 14 players, keeping a squad of 25 happy?

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wow we jump from "this is the idea" to "sky is falling" pretty quick around here.

I don't think this changes things. The likes of Johnson, SWP and Sidwell have already been content to join Chelsea and maybe not even see the bench. I don't think they'll be "happier" just because they get unused on the bench more often.

If anything I think this will be a measure to try and help the "english development" problem. If you have more spaces, and you assume "big names" won't be any more content to sit unused as they are now, it'll be the ressies and the like that get those bench spots.

Isn't this what we've been calling for based on our academy? If Hughes had to name an addiitonal player or two to the bench consistently this year, who'd get it, the likes of Rigters, Treacy, Olssen, Peter.... just the people we want to see get more of a chance.

edit: Nevermind, if its good enough for the rest of Europe and International Competitive mathces it isn't good enough for England... I forgot.

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about time i would say..

not only will it stop players be unhappy about being left off the bench, more youngsters will get a chance on being the bench-and if in a good position, get a chance to play in the last 20minutes or so..

i think its a brilliant decision, and can only help younger players get experience..

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This very good for young players and you have more options on the match.

Some peoples say this only good for rich clubs but furthermore you can still only use 3 subs. 5subs system you have too a little options.

I'm very delight this decision.

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I think it would be a good idea if there was a rule saying that you have to include at least 3 players aged under 21 in the match day squad. Then having 7 subs would mean that it would give more of an opportunity to the youngsters to be part of the first team squad. I think they have a similar rule in Scotland at the moment.

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Excellent move.

There are no "little clubs" in the Premiership- even Rovers employ 69 people focused on the senior squad.

Hopefully, youngsters will now get on the bench for the extreme off chance we are 3 up and coasting with 20 minutes to go.

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I think that it is a good idea. It gives us more options from the bench, while also allowing fringe and youth players to feel more like part of the team. As people said, it will give more of a chance to younger players to get a game if we are in a good position in a game. It does give bigger teams more of an advantage because they can have more quality options on the bench, but since those teams already have better benches than other clubs, I'm not that bothered. You can only play 3 of them anyway.

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Again, the good part is that we can put 4-5 quality subs and 2 kids. If we're in a good position, put on one of the kids.

Indeed, as it is a club will often need to use all four outfield slots for players the manager knows can go in and perform a role. So now, like you say, if we're up 3-0 and cruising (Or for that matter, down 4-0...) there's absolutely no risk to bring on a youngster, and no pressure to perform any miracles.

Two other advantages are that I'll be more inclined to play in the English leagues in Football Manager as I hate having to choose just five subs, and that Neil Warnock now can have a keeper on the bench and still have enough outfield options.

I wouldn't mind a rule that says you need two of the players to be homegrown either, but I don't care too much either way really.

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I'm all for it! Gives us more options and it will also be easier to give young players a chance. It's rubbish saying that the big clubs will get so much better from having two more players on the bench, I just have to laugh at such a statement...

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