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In my opinion the news of extending the premiership to 39 games, is another nail in the coffin of the game we all love, as the Premier League attempt to kill the traditional game, in order to generate more money for the asset strippers.

I have for some time believed that watching football is no longer a financial affordable past time of the working man, although my pessimism was briefly curtailed last season when Rovers reduced the cost of season tickets. however, it was a false dawn with the news that all 20 clubs were in agreement to extend the season to 39 games, from 2011 in order to accommodate an extra fixtures to be played world wide in five different host cities.

I've been wondering how to vent my feelings regarding another opportunity to fleece the fans, when I came across the following post by a member of the message board, Scott Sellars, who sums up my feelings.

Good lord. I have read this messageboard with interest for years, and disagreed with many a view expressed on a range of topics, without ever feeling the need to log in to vent my spleen. However on this issue I did expect a degree of solidarity, but no it appears that the Premier League party line has been swallowed hook line and sinker by plenty of people.

Just think back...what made you fall in love with football in the first place and Rovers in particular? Money? A guaranteed place in a phoney franchised premiership? The prospect of selling souvenirs in Singapore? Or was it partly the dream of seeing our glorious club fighting on merit against the big city boys on a level playing field in ENGLAND'S top division?

I do not want this post to seem overly nostalgic as times have moved on, however this is a step too far and it angers and upsets me that my club appears to have jumped in bed with the 'bigboys' without even having the balls to come out and explain why to its fans (we really can't call ourselves the 'lifeblood of the club' anymore).

I have held season tickets since the age of seven. I have travelled to the vast majority of away games since the age of thirteen. I have lost a marriage and had to reflect that my inflexible devotion to 'the cause' may have been a factor. I have cried tears of joy and of sorrow. I have had some of the greatest times of my life following my team through Europe.

I do not make these statements to try and appear a better fan than any other person but to illustrate my anger when I hear Scudamore come out with comments such as "imagine the heart warming stories on TV of fans who have not missed a game for years making their way accross the globe to see their team"....NO, NO, NO! THIS IS EXACTLY THE FAN YOU ARE SCREWING WITH THIS FECKLESS HAIR BRAINED GREEDY SCHEME OF YOURS!!!

There is only one thing bigger than Blackburn Rovers in the world of football....and that is the game of football itself. Those of you saying that this is a good idea, and that "we are in the Premier League, so ner" please reflect..

- when we have been out of the top divison would you really have been quite so keen on such an idea?

- If in we go down by one point partially because we unluckily drew a third game with the seeded Man Utd in Beijing (be realistic teams of our stature will occasionally have such relegation battles, think long term not just in this golden Hughes age)

- Do you really, truly, deeply think that if they get away with this it is going to stop at one game a season? Are American owners of teams not going to want the occasional game for 'their team' in their own back yard?

This may be a rambling post and I'm not going as far as saying the end of the game is nigh, but I will say that my synicism is higher than ever. I would prefer to be a poor honest man than a rich criminal, and for the same reasons we all want our club to be in the right hands rather than sold to the any old shifty character, we should not be jumping for joy simply at the prospect of a one game, too good to be true pay day.

These people have toyed with our emotions and devotion for far too long, this my friends may be the good fight we just have to fight!

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