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[Archived] Were Is The Cheapest Place In The World To Live

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:rover: fancy a change from good old blighty,need cheep digs,cheep beer and a decent climate :brfcsmilie:

Penang in Malaysia, where you pond is worth about 7 pounds (malaysian Ringitt) I know this as I go there often. Always hot, never cold and their government encourages people to move there under malaysiamysecondhome scheme. You can search this out on the internet. :rover:

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Well Darwen's certainly cheaper than London.

Was quoted £7.49 to get a key cut at a place off Oxford Street last week, got it done in Darwen yesterday for £2.50.

Bacon butties are cheaper, and fish and chips. They can't even do mushy peas down south. I'd stay where you are Waggy.

Don't even start on beer prices. Stupid southerners.

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Slovenia is dirt cheap. Decent health care too. Beer is good (drink Zlatorog). Housing isn't too great though, and there is a language barrier.

What about the North Island of New Zealand?

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According to this to cheapest house prices in England are in Nelson, Lancashire. Which is not surprising as there is bugger all to do there except have a fight in a pub or sniff some glue.

So...move to Nelson waggy.

house prices

An ex of mine lived just outside Nelson. I totally agree, the place is dire. It makes Darwen look glamourous :unsure:

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To be fair Blackburn, Accy, Burnley, Nelson and Colne (etc) are pretty similar except in size and population.

They are all ###### holes.

To be fair, it's time to flip this on it's head. Where the f*** do you moaning @#/?s want to live?

Do you think that East Lancs is unique? If you're going to name the above 5 locations as ###### holes, you may as well add in the rest of the country - and in many cases multiply the ###### hole factor by loads.

I'm delighted to be back in Lancashire after 18 years of exile. Darwen's the best place in the world!

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