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[Archived] New Gaming Machine

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Advise needed folks......

I'm going to build myself a more powerful rig for gaming but want to know if I can use the old hard drive.I suspect I will have to remove the old graphics card programme but what about the old motherboard....is there a programme to be removed from the hard drive before the new motherboard can boot or will it just work from its own bios on firing up and then load the CD info?

I am installing a new 680w power unit/Asus SLI motherboard/ new CPU / ATi SLI graphics setup.....all the new components are compatible.

Any advice would help before I bugger something up ! :blink:

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What you might want to do is put it in as a slave and use it as a backup for any files.

make sure power off and watch the bios if its found it as slave.

If it has then check windows once fully loaded to see if its there.

This info helps find where fault is if any without switching off and on a few times to try and find out

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