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A website doing what?

I ask because there are sites that let you "run of their backs" such as blogspot, Forums can bee made from SMF or IP Boards etc

Otherwise 1 & 1.com have reasonable offers on domain names and hosting is ok........

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Dont touch 1and1. They are complete cowboys.

They decided to move this site onto the slowest server they had because we were getting too much use.

Rather than inform us of what was going on, or give us an option, they disabled the script that runs the messageboard. I fixed it, and got a snotty email about their terms of service etc.

Use GITK they currently do a good job of hosting this site.

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I registered the domain name through http://www.ukreg.com use http://www.fasthosts.co.uk to host my website, and have done for 6 years now with no problems. Costs me less than a fiver a month and at the end of the term (I've a .co.uk so it's 2 years) it automatically renews too with the minimum of fuss.

http://www.freelayouts.com is a good shout for website templates if you want a site up quickly too.

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