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[Archived] Eduardo


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TinyTaylor has just had a straight Red for a challenge on Eduardo.

They are talking of the break in the same sort of thing as David Busst's bad break.

The Arsenal players look pretty shocked by it all

Not nice at all but hope he makes a speedy recovery.

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I rewound it on sky+ but the camera angle meant you didnt see anything at all. Initially I thought it was a harsh red card. It wasnt a two footed challenge or anything like that.

Which is why they should show it again. Warn anyone who doesn't want to watch it to 'look away now', and confirm that it's a red. To me it's out of character for Taylor, so I assume it's a clumsy challenge and therefore not worthy of a red.

As for being worthy of it's own thread. By the sounds of it, it's a horrific injury, but there's no link to our club. It should probably go in the 'other Premier League happenings' thread.

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From the link brfc11 posted the tackle by Tiny looked clumsy rather than any aggressive intent. No way a straight red in my opinion.

They are talking about it being career threatening and comparing it to "that tackle" on David Busst so it must be very serious.

I hate Arsenal, but i hope Eduardo makes a full recovery, no true football fan wants to see players seriously injured no matter what team they play for.

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from the guardians text commentary:

Apologies for not watching the football for a couple of minutes - it's basically a training session anyway - but I've just seen a picture of Taylor's challenge, and it is completely and utterly disgraceful. Flying through the air studs up, he lunges in halfway up the shin of Eduardo's standing leg. The striker's leg clean snaps at a right angle; no wonder Fabregas was holding his head in his hands the minute he saw it. It's going to be an ethical dilemma for sports editors across the country, is this picture.
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Arsenal fans on 606 calling for a lifetime ban for Tiny :rolleyes:

I'm getting a lot of flack saying it shouldn't of been a straight red:


I hope someone comes flying at you mid air with studs up and half way up your shins, and makes a clean break of your bones. That's what happend. can't see why it's a straight red? I can't see why Taylor isn't immediately arrested for assult!"


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Ooh that is bad. However if that's the picture the guardian have seen then I don't think you can really label it disgraceful unless you've seen how late it is. His foot is low and Eduardo could well have just knicked the ball away.

I'll reserve judgement until I see the proper footage.

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