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[Archived] Films Of Games.

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Wasnt sure where to put this but....Meh!!!

I've been reading this month's Edge and here's a list of Games being made into films.

Alice, Based on American MGee's Gothic Alice in Wonderland. Release TBA.

Alone in the Dark II, Release May 2009.

Area 51, Based on Blacksite : Area 51, Realese TBA.

Bloodrayne II, Release 2009.

Castlevania, Release 2009.

City of Hero's, Release 2010.

Driver, Release TBA.

EverQuest, Release TBA.

Gears of War, Release 2009.

Getting Up, Based on Marc Ecko's daft Graffiti Games. Release TBA.

God of War, Release TBA.

Joust, Release 2009.

Kane and Lynch, Release 2009.

Max Payne, Release 2009.

Metal Gear Solid, 2009.

Mortal Kombat Devastation, Release TBA.

Onimusha, Release December 2009.

Postal, Release June 2008.

Prince of Persia, Release TBA.

The Sims, Release TBA.

Spy Hunter, Release 2009.

Street Fighter : Legend of Chun-Li, Release 2009.

World of Warcraft, Release 2009.Apparently over 100 million dollars will be spent making this.

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Its always been a weird one this. The stories in some games are so much better than the stories in Blockbuster films but for some reason they never translate very well.

I see they are making street fighter again (as per your list) The last street fighter was an awful film. They messed up the characters and didn't follow the story as it should have been. The new one has Chun Li in the title - does this mean that because of this the new film will also be a failure?

The main film should be focused around Ken/Ryu and Bison with the others fitted in around - end of story. Anyone that needs proof of this should pick up the Street Fighter Manga DVD - That was the film street fighter should be.

As for the others, I don't hold much hope of any decent conversion.

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I agree on the Manga Street Fighter.That is a really good film.The Fight Scene with Chun-Li and Vega is class.

As for going with Chun-Li for a new film...well it kinda makes sense.

I mean she has a more in depth back story what with M.Bison/Balrog(depending on the version you played) Killing her Policeman father.So there is a better angle for a film.As for wether it will be any good well i aint gonna hold my breathe.

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