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[Archived] Youtube Video Downloads

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I use www.savetube.com

Simply click the video and it'll download it, but in an odd format. Get Total Video Converter and it has about 30 different file types (I use 3gp for phone).

Takes about 2 minutes per video.

i'll have a look for iPod filetypes, what type of file does an iPod use?

EDIT: It appears my trial period has run out for TVC.

Scrap that idea :lol:

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Well on the Mac all I do is open up the appropriate Youtube page in Safari and go to the winow-activity menu.

It then lists all images , movies etc.. on the currently loaded page. Double click on the video (generally the only file of 512k) and it downloads.

Then just rename and add .flv onto the file that downloads. To view it in quicktime player either download a flash plugin for quicktime or convert the flv file into an MPEG.

Surely there's something as simple on a PC?

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If you download the latest real player it downloads the youtube videos for you. When you open up a youtube video and hover the cursor over the video a link will appear from real player in the top right of the video asking if you want to download the video with real player.

I had realplayer but couldnt get it to work, but i downloaded the real player that the link about a third of the way down this page directed me to and now it works fine.


This is what you should see if it has worked.


Also I cant get it to work in Firefox, but its fine in IE.

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