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[Archived] Looking At Page History

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I need to find a website that I visited last week, but as I went through a link it doesn't show up on my drop down history, is there any way to look at a more comprehensive list of the sites I've visited in the past few days? I'm using firefox.

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I don't quite get what you mean but in firefox if you press CTRL+H or (View > Siderbar > History) you can then order the visited sites by date, click the View button and select 'By Date and Site' or 'By Date'. Date and Site just groups pages from the same domain together which is a bit easier to read.

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If you are using FF, what Hainesey said will probably work.

If you are using IE..

In your internet options there is a setting for how long pages are stored before they are purged. Control Panel>Internet Settings and History should do it.

If the thing is set to less than 7 days, you are out of luck, if it isn't, you should be able to find it in the History dropdown list in the IE toolbar, (press today to minimise and search through "6 days ago, 7 days ago" and so on.

EDIT: Ignore everything I said, brain isn't functioning. you could perhaps go the the site where you found the link (using history if you don't know it by heart) and see if it still there?

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