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[Archived] Annual Awards Evening 2007 - 2008

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The pictures are online at http://prazzi.com/brawards/index.html

Hi everyone!

I don't normally join in much, I enjoy reading other posts rather than commenting, as I never really have any exclusive scoops and my opinions means nothing. But, as I reported last year, I had the pleasure of being a guest with Heritage Envelopes, Blackburn who sponsored the Player Of The Year Award at the Annual Awards Evening held on Sunday night. Firstly, a big thanks to those guys, they really know how to party, especially the women! If there s any typos etc, sorry, I've had a bit of red wine! I saw Jan at last years awards but she wasn't there this year, anyone else attend?

As for the evening... It started off with me getting dropped off by my good wife, just as David Dunn (She was more excited than me - honest!!!) was parking up (nice Bentley) and I got the chance to walk in with him chatting about this and that - he stopped for autographs, no-one asked me, (I felt 10 feet tall as we entered Ewood - life doesn't get better than this!!!).

Inside, I was like a kid in a sweet shop. There was Tugay, Benni, Santa etc (Christmas had come early!). And then Big Brad!!! I have always been a keeper and to meet Brad one to one was well - not at all bad! Enough self indulgence, on with the awards...

John Williams started the evening - he informed those present that the club shop was now back in the hands of the club and not Sports Word...Sports Soccer...or what ever they are trading under! Also he discussed the clubs situation with a buyer and that although there had been interested parties there was no buyer for the near future. I spoke to him one to one later and he stated that no-one had come close to meeting the Trustees requirements. Make of this what you want, but that's what he said! He also stated that they were at advanced talks regarding key player contracts - but would not discuss names.

After a top meal we were entertained by footage from the season broken by the various awards...

Olsen won Young Player of the Year

Tugay won Goal of the Season (Reading at home) and Outstanding contribution (he was so gracious!!!)

Rocky won Best Newcomer and Player of the Season

Bentley won most Man of the Match awards (Peter Jackson watches - how many watches can one guy own???) and Players Player (voted by his fellow team mates).

Warnock won Unsung Hero Award (New award this year)

As I was at the main table we got the chance to be photographed with Rocky and his award, and the Huges, Nelson and Samba turned up for more photos - I'd died and gone to Ewood!!! (Plus I got my Dad a Ronnie Clayton autograph - lovely bloke and he wrote my dad a lovely message as he remembered him when they were both on Rovers books as young players).

I left just as John Williams and his wife were leaving and he thanked me for coming and I thanked him for another year of footballing pleasure. It might not be top four and Europe but for a club our size it's amazing!!!!

Sorry if this self indulgent, but I wanted (as last year) to share the evening with you all. I'm just a simple Blackburn lad who has followed Rovers all my life and had the privilidge to see Rovers from the inside aswell as the out.


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Sorry if this self indulgent

Not at all, you gave a good feel of how the evening went.

Great news about the club shop, you should mention it in the 'Club shop thread'

Unsung Hero - Warnock, very fitting, I'd agree with that.

Just read the next thread, you did mention it in the 'Club Shop Thread' :lol::tu:

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Sounds like you had a marvellous evening.

I treasure things like this. For my 40th I got a personally signed Rovers birthday card from every player and the staff and it is now enshrined with all my Rovers memorabilia !

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Just woke up and remembered that Brad won 'Performance of the Season' for his string of top saves against United at Ewood.

I'm still grinning like a Cheshire cat!

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I WAS going to say which photos I was on, but now I'll pass :-)

I think the Lancashire Telegraph have saved you the job. Guessing from your name and the photo of Roque being handed his award it looks like you may be stood to his left, beeming smile in tow :rover: .

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All I can say is thank god they didnt potograph people leaving - I was LEATHERED............ :wacko:

We had a top night - thanks for the invite CLM.

Woke up this morning with a head like a loose button.

One Love - BRFC

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I think the Lancashire Telegraph have saved you the job. Guessing from your name and the photo of Roque being handed his award it looks like you may be stood to his left, beeming smile in tow :rover: .

Ha Ha - I've just seen it. Thaks for spotting that.

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