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[Archived] Squad Numbers

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I think it's something like 2 weeks before the season starts that teams have to confirm squad numbers, depending on who goes I can't see many numbers changing, players get used to numbers and like to keep them and squad numbers are no clue to the strongest side, how many times does a team put out numbers 1-11 in a starting line up.

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This squad number selection is perhaps a bigger issue than most people think.

I personally wear the number 10 shirt for my club, you could say it's a superstition, lucky, whatever but I feel uncomfortable wearing any other shirt.

Some players actually have it in their contracts that they are allocated the number of their choice, for instance the problems at Milan over the number 10 shirt.

Deco wears the number 20 after his school, on this occasion Ferriera was happy to change to number 19 as he understood how much it means to the fella.

Paulo Futre got shirty on his debut and cried in the changing rooms when he found out he was number 7. He would only play in the number 10 shirt and only got his way by giving John Moncur a free holiday in his luxurious villa.

When Ronaldo signed for Inter, Ivan Zamorano had to give up his number 9 shirt and decided on having 1+8 on his shirt which equals to 9. I don't think this has ever happened again.

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