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[Archived] Ipod, Itunes And Linux

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I have an Asus eeePC, which I'm really happy with, except I can't install my iPod and iTunes. The Asus uses Linux and I realise this is the problem. I have done some research on the web and it seems there are workarounds for this involve installing and linking various programmes. Now this is OK if one is technically proficient but no use if you're ME!

If I connect the iPod it doesn't appear to be recognised at all, not even as a a disc drive. I can connect to the web, very fast in fact, but haven't attempted to download iTunes for fear of creating a conflict / problem.

Does anyone have a simple solution to installing an iPod and iTunes on a Linus OS? I'm especially concerned to avoid doing anything which will create conflicts or cause a problem as the Asus is working so well.

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By far and away my favourite iTunes replacement on Linux is Rhythmbox. There are plenty of other others which will allow you to interact with your iPod, but Rhythmbox looks and feels a lot like iTunes so it should be the easiest for you to use.

However...I'm not entirely sure it will run on that version of Linux Paul, but you can give it a try and see what happens. The reason it might not work is because it's a GNOME application and I think the Xandros Linux supplied with the Asus runs KDE by default (if you have no idea what I'm talking about there don't worry :)).

There's a good list here of Linux alternatives for popular Windows applications (scroll down a bit for iTunes), I think Amarok and Banshee are the popular ones on there if Rhythmbox fails.

Edit: Oh actually, there is another alternative, but it will require a little bit more than a simple install. You can actually get iTunes to work on there if you install a program called WINE (it allows you to install pretty much Windows application on a Linux machine). There's a guide here if you fancy having a go, whoever wrote it was using an Asus as well.

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