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[Archived] The New Season Kicks Off!

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Sheff Wed making another poor start to their league campaign. Only 3-1 up on the dingles after 20 minutes.

You just beat me to it.

I see Birmingham won; according to teletext, they scored in the 91st minute. I always thought goals scored in injury time were scored in the "90th" minute.

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Is this because it's skewed by the teams receiving parachute payments? Take them out and is it anywhere near as rich?

The parachute payments will contribute about 20% if six relegated Prem teams stay down together (three each from two seasons).

The ranking by attendances is I believe

1) Bundesliga

2) EPL

3) La Liga (a long way behind)

4) Championship- today's gates were a mixed bunch probably averaging at a touch under 20,000

Seri A attendances have collapsed in recent seasons.

The ranking by money is

1) EPL with more than 2) and 3) together

2) La Liga

3) Seri A

4) Bundesliga-a new TV deal has pushed the Germans comfortably ahead of

5) Championship

Anyway, just been looking at who is in 24th place in the Championship but not saying too much until Mr Ince has got our campaign safely underway.

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