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[Archived] Odeon Cinema

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Is anybody aware of if Odeon Cinema offers an Annual or Monthly Pass?

I can't find anything on their site so I presume not but more and more companies are offering it these days.

No, Odeon don't this to my knowledge - Virgin>UGC>Cineworld do though, well worth it - but you'd have to be able to get to Bolton one on A666 or St Helens to really benefit.

I know Vue do some deals/coupons/promos you can find on the sites (better than the 1.50 vouchers they give to walk-ups) but as Odeon are probably the best chain around, that's prob why they don't do good deals (unless you count paying for a normal seat then sneaking into the poshies!)

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You mean like a season ticket ? Could be popular with our fans in times to come .

Does it have a prayer room ?

Haha, maybe you could give up watching football and go round selling the prayer room concept to other clubs and cinemas. Sell one to a Catholic Church and i'll buy you a pint.

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