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[Archived] How Can Sunderland Spend So Much Money


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A team that has been struggling for year, suddenly throwing money around like Roy Hodgson in 1998

At least Roy seems to be buying average players rather then star players

surely they can't keep this up though

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They've got some of the wealthiest people in Ireland on the board and no debt, their own stadium with 45,000 fans every other week.

What about Fulham? Their debts are around 150million and they've spent 25million again this summer. They're only a small club and Fayed doesn't seem to put his own money in.

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Michael Flatley, Ronan Keating and the owner of Ryanair on the Sunderland board? No wonder Keane seems to have it sorted in terms of job security. Is it rue that a branch of that O'Reilly's chain opening in one of the stands?

And no wonder they don't complain as he blows another £30m on 1st division standard players.

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