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[Archived] Football Manager 2009

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I have however had several players reject coming to me - Keita, Cassano, Beckham - is anyone else having alot of players rejecting a move?

Those three players would be very reluctant to join Rovers in real life though!

How much was your offer for Cassano which was accepted, Hughesy?

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And here was me thinking Beckham wanted to play for England!! I offered him more cash per week than LA Galaxy too. :P

Yeah thats true, but also a number of others iv scouted, the report also says they wouldnt have any intention join us at the moment in time.

£7.5M got turned down, so I offered £10m which they accepted.

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Sold: Brown (City) £1.5m, Ooijer (Fulham) £1.5m, Reid (Sunderland) £5.25m, Mokoena (W Brom) £3.5m, Fowler (Leeds) Loan, Vogel (Basel), Loan - £625k upfront, with a further £1.8m if they want him perm, Nolan (Birmingham) £1m + add-ons, Derbyshire (W Brom) £5m.

Sounds good. I always had trouble offloading players in the previous instalments. Had to sell a lot of players for the fraction of the price.

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Ok re-started my game last night as the first time I did it, I didn't really put any effort or time into it. So last night I set things up proper.

I looked at all my staff, sacked those that didn't meet my standards and researched all the staff to get the right level of staff that I wanted, aswell as very good staff to work with Youth players.

Here are the pick of my Staff, which some of you may wish to check out:

Bernhard Peters (Assistant Manager) - This guy seems class.

Luc Rabat (French Coach)

Paco Herreras (Spanish Coach)

Nikos Sarganis (Greek Coach)

Krzysztof Dowhan (Polish Coach)

Iv also set my scouting up proper this time, and Iv got a guy at the Olympics, who has already found me 2 or 3 very promising players - including Samir Ujkani (Keeper) and Michael Channell (Attacking Mid).

So iv got 1 pre-season game to go and then its time for the real league. Team is still in development, but its starting to take abit more shape. I also did as Eddie said and had a look at what the best deals I could get for my players.

Sold: Roberts £5m + £2.3m if he bags 40, Ooijer £5m, Vogel £600k loan + 1.8m to make perm, Mokoena £5m, Brown £3.5m, Peter £2.5m + 20% of profit, Fowler 6mth loan.

= £21.6m with a possible £4m If Roberts bags 40 (which he could in the champ) and Vogel moves perm.

Also I have offers of £6.5m for Nelsen & clubs monitoring Derbyshire, Treacy, Santa Cruz & Reid.

In so far:

Thiago Silva (Fluminense) - Central Defence - £4.7m (Highly rated by fans)

Jozy Altidore (Villareal) - Striker - £5.25m

Alex Song (Arsenal) - Loan

Tanuz Toto - £350k

Also currently negotiating for Goldstein, Ujkani & Channell as above.

Next steps are to sign some young kids and also set up a few links with other clubs to send my players on loan to. Just set one up with Blackpool. Also need to approach some of the bigger clubs to see if they have any good loan players available.

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I dont use any as youth coach only - as they can only coach the youth, which seems daft, when those classes as just 'coach' can coach both.

I tend to bring players who my scouts say can be 'leading premierleague players' or if the scout says he would be a great asset.

Le Chuck - Yep it allows you that too. Im aware some of the downloads dont, was that what you was getting at?

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Thats cheating sparkys. Find your own tactic - ha!

I finished off my pre-season last night by beating CSKA Moscow 8-1. Then played my first league game against Stoke and won 4-1. Im playing a 3-1-4-2 formation with no arrows on any defenders and all midfielders with forward arrows, except one of the centre midfield.

Im still scouring the globe for top young talent before the transfer window closes - Think iv signed about 4 or 5 with several more coming soon - il post a list of good prospects after work.

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I signed a young Italian RB/AMR this morning from Inter Milan, he cost a fortune but his potential is 5 stars and all my staff are loving him, he's out on loan at Cercle Brugge at the moment, by the time he turns 19-20, he will be a real gem. I'll post his name later after i have been on the game again, I were playing it at 5am this morning so my memory isn't all it should be :( .

I played Man Citeh at home and got beat 3-2, they played a 4-2-2-2 formation, with nobody in the central midfield but two DM's infront of the back four with two wingers, and they still managed to beat me despite me having signed Riquelme from Boca (BTW if you have about 12million, buy him for Rovers, he signs no problem as he says he wants test himself in a bigger league) Arshavin is also another that can be tempted to Rovers, infact any of the Zenit squad are tempted as i've signed three players from their. I've sold Reid, Ooijer, McCarthy, Roberts, Andrews, Fowler, Peter, Judge, O'Keefe, Bunn, Brown, Emerton, sent Simpson and Carlos back to their clubs and sold Tugay. I signed a lad from some French team, he's only 19 but he'll turn out to be a good ST in a few years game-time. Again, i'll post his name after i've been back on it in a min, must say i am really enjoying this game.

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Il post a list of players later tonight. Iv found some cracking players and the Israeli lad I mentioned - Toto, seems quality.

Also my scout is quality - il post his name later, he finds gems no problem.

Arshavin wouldnt join Blackburn in my game, despite me having a £12m bid accepted. Although i havent tried again with my better backroom team.

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