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[Archived] Mike Newell On Radio 4

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He must be ensuring he doesn't get another manager's job, they'll all close ranks on him again. It's a shame he went a bit mad with bungs, female refs etc.

I suspect that he has given up being able to get back in the game again and has decided to tell his side of the story. I'd have to say if I had the choice of believing Mike or that bunch of sharks who sacked him at Luton I know where my sympathies are.

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I listened to that interview this morning. He comes across as a very genuine upright guy.

I would like to see him back in management (for he has obviously proved himself to be a successful manager) at a well-run club that lets the manager get on with managing and that keeps all dealings above board; perhaps a future John Williams-run Blackburn Rovers, for instance?

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Hopefully he'll just keep is gob shut and get on with it this time, he seemed to have his career heading in the right direction until he did that.

For all his talk about bung culture, he's uncovered the square root of f-all. If he does feel the need to do it again, hopefully he'll provide names, figures and hard evidence rather than sound bites.

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