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[Archived] Rovers V Everton


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Just received a text from Rovers saying "Everton fans have snapped up 5000 tickets for tomorrow night, have you got yours?" Not likely. We haven't even got a thread on it. :D

I have actually got my ticket and, as with most night games, am looking forward to it. This is a chance to maybe start Derbyshire alongside Santa. I hope (and doubt) that we don't weaken and change the team too much. Winning breeds confidence.

If Everton do bring 5000 should be a cracking atmosphere from their end. Just hope we get a decent turnout to return the favour.

I think it will go extra time and then we'll...... probably get beat.

£17 a ticket £5 concession.

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Are Everton likely to field a full team?

Im going, got our tickets yesterday, and the guy that sits next to me has his too and the two infront of me. So thats 5 more of us.

Im hoping King Carlos gets at least 30 mins in this game, if not more. Im also hoping we stick with a very strong side, maybe playing Benni 1st half alongside Roque, and RSC & Derbyshire 2nd half.

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Its hard to predict what team either side is going to put out to be honest. The CC will be valued by Moyes and Ince but both will also want to protect their league form.

I would suspect it could look something like this:







Subs: Bunn, Nelsen, Tugay, Pedersen, Carlos, Cruz, Andrews

If McCarthy is compeltely out due to being unfit I would imagine Fowler may get a start - especially against Everton!

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If Everton put out a full strength side i think it ill be close, though i think Everton may well play a weakened side because of the big derby at the weekend plus a tough Uefa Cup second leg on Thursday.

Without the distraction of Europe i think we can put out a decent side in every round of this competition. We have a great record in the domestic cups in recent years and this is a trophy we could go far in or possible win depending on how good a draw we get.

I hope we really take this game and this competition seriously.

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:rover: it's a pity this match is badly priced,after 2 home games on the bounce £17 is a lot to pay.but i won £200 at the weekend and will be there.fantastic support from everton,almost making moyes put a team out that can get a result.depends on our selections as well :wacko::brfc:
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No-one's done one, so here's a short Rovers v Everton Carling Cup Preview:

Wednesday 24 September 2008

The Carling Cup takes centre stage on Wednesday night. Rovers are playing Everton, who tend to come unstuck against us. I'm sure there were groans reverberating around parts of Merseyside when the draw was announced. Some of our more dire sides have emerged triumphant over Everton's fancied workaholics - a fine Jon Stead header springs to mind.

That's not to say Rovers fans were ecstatic about the draw, although it is at home. Everton are a strong outfit, playing a cross between the rudimentary bludgeoning of Allardyce Bolton Wanderers and the involved technicality of Benitez's Liverpool. Perhaps, leaning more towards Fat Sam than Fat Rafa. For all their strong league finishes, Everton's cup record (without checking the records) isn't the best. A comparison with Hughes at Rovers is appropriate - consistent league form but some absolutely dire cup results.

My theory on this contradiction between cup form and league form is based on the "intimate" management style of Moyes (and Hughes at Rovers). Imo, Moyes' rules by personal man-management, by geeing his troops and meticulously preparing for the game. It is a high intensity approach in which the manager plays the defining role in preparing the team for an encounter, tactically and psychologically. The team thus become reliant on the manager's approach. If the manager slackens that tiny bit, even subconsciosly, the team usually pick up the vibe and suffer. ANd thus, I believe that Moyes does subconsciously slacken his vivacious style in preparation for cup games and his dependent side are weaker as a result.

By contrast, a manager who does not involve himself so integrally in preparing his side can more likely afford to coast before a cup game. His side are not so dependent on their manager for inspiration and direction. They have become used to finding their own formula, with the help of a few words of encouragement from the boss. Such a manager, I believe, was Souness. He didn't have much to do with tactics or meticulous plans - he just wanted his side to go out and express themselves. He was very much one for spontaneous management. And, I believe, for that reason, Rovers rarely suffered domestic cup shocks under the Souey rule - whilst under Hughes we were vulnerable to getting turned over by lower sides. (I excuse UEFA cup games as occasions when the opposition were technically very good).

Well, yes, that's a theory - might sound like balls - but I think there might be something in it.

Okay, to the team news. Spain's ######-take of England, Mikel Arteta is supposedly a doubt for this game with a virus (He's a ######-take because he's nowhere near the national first team despite being so good and if he was English, we would be wetting ourselves thinking about him in an England shirt). The injury news comes from Everton and must surely be doubted as possibly exaggerated for gamesmanship purposes. It certainly would be a distinct advantage for ROvers if he wasn't playing because he is the most creative Everton player, especially at set-pieces.

Everton are playing Liverpool Saturday lunch-time but I can't see Moyes shuffling his pack too much in anticipation of that. The Carling Cup is too important for us also rans. Maybe, the odd youngster - Rodwell? might come in, but generally, I expect to see a familiar Toffee line-up. It might even feature Segundo Castillo, the trialist who waited for Godot and ended being told to bugger off by Ince. However, he was subbed at half-time in disgrace as Everton fought back from 2-0 down against Hull, so perhaps he won't start.

Louis Saha may start after making a decent impact against Hull and Rovers should watch out for Osman and Cahill, notorious goalscorers. Also, Fellaini, all £15 million, will most likely play - although where, who knows because Moyes doesn't play with wingers, just four/five generic vaguely-centrally orientated midfielders.

ROvers team news, everyone knows. The big questions for Ince are: Does he give a run out to the Axe (no). Does he start with Treacy and Gamst on the wings (maybe). Does he leave Emerton central or shoved out wide. (dunno). Oh yes, and who makes way for Villanueva. ANd does matchwinner Derbyshire come in - heck, there are a lot of issues for Ince to resolve.

SOmething tells me this'll be a dry game of petulant kicks and meteoric balls orbiting somewhere up there. It could got to extra time. Seconds from penalties, but wait! Keith ANdrews has picked up the ball, he's feinted past one... two....three....oh m-y..w-o-r-d.....he's in the box, and, an- he LETS FLY. IT'S THE WINNER. Pauper to Prince, Ignoble to Noble,

I'll shut up because I'm ad libbing badly now.

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if bbc sport is anything to go by we could have a central midfield crisis tomorrow


dunn, reid and grella injuried-mokoena ill and andrews cup tied..

looks like it could be tugay and emerton in central midfield tomorrow..

i think everton may rest a few players-they have liverpool at 12 on saturday..

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Another cup game, another run-out for Carlos I think.

Glad Everton are in Europe on Thursday, I can see their minds, and players, being elsewhere.






A few rested but a strong team.

Possibly a role for McCarthy too. I have no idea why, but I have this strange feeling he and Carlos will strike it off in style. Judging by Inces comments, Derbyshire might also get a chance. We are spoilt for choice up top.

EDIT: If Mokoena is injured, play Vogel. I can see Pedersen on the left and Brett back in the middle though.

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Seems like we only have 4 fit midfielders for tomorrow's match: Pedersen, Emerton, Tugay and Treacy which may be a bit of a problem. I would like to see Ince try something different and try different players so I would like for him to go for something like this:


Simpson Samba Ooijer Warnock

Emerton Tugay Pedersen

Derbyshire Santa Villanueva

Hard to leave out Treacy as he has done well recently but he wouldn't fit into that formation.

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The only midfielders fit/eligible for tomorrow are by my reckoning:






with Olsson and Peters possibilities- we could play five left wingers I suppose. Vogel still out injured as is Judge.

Zura and Benni are both out as well but Ooijer is recovered.

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