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[Archived] Golden Balls

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Well, my morals went firmly out of the window and I stole in the final round. Came away with 1400 quid so can't complain. The other bloke in the final was a West Ham fan so I didnt feel so bad about it.

Should be on the box in a few weeks I guess. Managed to get rovers mentioned a couple of times.

Binned the 10k and 18k balls in the final round otherwise it could have been a lot better

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I've always said that you can't lose if you steal. You either win the lot or you get nothing (but have to satification of knowing the other person hasn't stole it from you).

Then again it's probably morale wrong not to share the money so a slip on the wrist for you. ;)

Does this count as a win over West Ham for us?

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