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[Archived] The New Paradigm!?

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Our future?

Climate change stuffing the Barrier reef

House prices continue to rise.

Become a republic.

Droughts to become more prevelent.

Farming to move north as the south east dries up

Probably move away from being a sports centric Nation (already started)

My wish would be to get rid of the States. We are the most governed nation on earth (Local/State/Federal for 21million people) We'd save a fortune in wages alone.

Environment down the toilet, but the economy and society getting better. I bet your TV will still be rubbish, but still better than New Zealand's. When I was there in 2004 they had a celebrity desert Island type show, and if you had no knowledge of rugby you'd not know anyone at all.

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I'd like to see a return of the old fashioned lynch mob. The people who caused this current crisis from Clinton and his retarded social engineering experiments through to the Wall Street pigs, bankers and risk analysers who are paid millions and failed to see it coming, the corporate heads who are given millions of dollars in golden parachutes for their mistakes and will go off and live in opulence while the average Joe struggles to put food on the table after working 12 hour days (if they're lucky enough to have a job) - anyway they should have been dragged through the streets and strung up, simple as.

When leaders (corporate and Government) screw up and cause suffering to the masses they should be publicly tried and face the consequences. Unfortunately this only usually happens in wars and revolutions (Mussolini, Caecescu, French Revolution etc.) Unfortunately today the rich and the lawmakers cover each others asses while they shaft the general populace and we've just been shafted again! You can argue we have elections and shareholder meetings but honestly neither work as proper checks and balances on excess, greed and corruption. Governments worldwide need to be stripped of a great deal of their ability to control the public purse as taxpayers money is all too often used for political ends - note the bailouts are from taxpayers money and guess who will be paying that off for the next 20 years? Yep, we will. And trust me it will be with another 3-5% on the lower rates when it should be 10% on the higher rates but the Government will cover the rich arses again. Corporations should also link bonus pay for fatcats to long-term share price, ie: you mess up you don't get paid. Additionally there should be legislation that states the CEO of a coporation cannot receive a salary in excess of 50 times that of his lowest paid employee.


- Big Brother (the TV programme) needs a worldwide ban

- So do tabloid newspapers

- TV stations should be fined for poor grammar / spelling

- No more ASBO's - straight to boot camp

- Teacher and Doctors salaries to be doubled

- Germany & Japan to be re-billed for WWII, clearly they haven't coughed up enough as they've been pretty rich compared to us for the last 50 years!

- Worldwide law: for every 1 billion spent on defence, 1 billion to be given in aid

- Huge tax cuts for people buying hybrid / ethanol / electric cars, huge tax hikes for gas guzzling cars

- A law for fast food outlets stating they cannot serve obese people

- All schools to serve fresh fruit & veg daily and on two days a week ONLY fruit and veg

- All band-wagon jumping fans of the big four to be forcibly relocated to within 2 miles of the respective football stadium and ordered to attend every match

- A pill to cure cynicism ( to be handed out free in Blackburn)

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