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[Archived] Fa Match Fixing Probe


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They might want to check out the betting on Burscough v Telford today

Resembles the Accrington Stanley V Bury game last season

Total matched on this event: £749

Total matched on Telford : £740

1 game in that league has £125 on the market, the rest under £50 <_<

Some bookies have suspended betting.

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Two Premier League games now under investigation as well.

Background from the Telegraph on the Norwich v Derby game

An interview with an alleged "match fixer"

The Telegraph Sportswriters seem to be hanging their reputations on this one.

I am not withdrawing one syllable of what I wrote about Kazakhstan's goal. As it enormously pains me to question a player of Brad's standing as a true Rovers hero, I desperately hope my unease about what happened at St Andrew's on the last day of last season is misplaced.

Asian gambling match fixers

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