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[Archived] Brilliant Goals

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Bergkamp, Le Tis and Henry are unarguable.

Shearer's blast against QPR would undoubtedly have been in there but for the fact that he hit it too hard for the camera to follow it.

Shame Shearer's pirouhet against Liverpool didn't make it- famous for ending Jan Molby's BBC career as an expert summariser as his involuntary comment was " (Please don't use that word again) me" in the days before the 7 second delay on football commentaries.

I'd have put Tugay's effort against Spurs in at least the equal to Scholes whilst for a team goal MGP's volleyed cracker against Fulham would undoubtedly be there but there isn't time for the 20 odd passes which Rovers strung together before Kuqi's perfect cross which found MGP beyond the far post.

There is one goal I always enjoyed for sheer power and that was a Leeds Ghanaian striker whose name escapes me who struck a scorcher on the turn in off the crossbar against Liverpool (and Grobelaar I think).

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Compilation of the real Pedersen with some cracking finishes, mostly in the Prem, including volleys against Fulham and Wigan. Why doesn't this Pedersen play for us anymore? :( This video just reminds me why he was loved by Rovers fans and probably why Rovers fans now hate him - because we know how good he can be.

And as its not in the above video, so that its not missed out, his Van Basten-esque goal for Norway against Hungary. I apologise for going slightly off topic but the title of this thread is brilliant goals and this one is truly a brilliant goal.


To quote the commentator in that second vid: "One of the sweetest left foots in all of world football!" Well what happened to it?

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Nice one mate, I searched for that yesterday when this thread started but couldn't find it.

As far as long range strikes go, it's hard to beat this one -

Good strike but what was that keeper doing??? That is what you call stuck in no mans land!!!

If you wanna see Roberto Carlos score some more amazing goals (as well as the one posted above) watch this compilation:


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