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[Archived] I Cant Believe That I Today Saw

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QUOTE (Ste B @ Oct 31 2008, 01:22 ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
As usual the PC brigage are out again.. Its CHRISTMAS ;)

The "X" isn't actually an "X" it's the greek letter Chi which looks like an "X" and was used to hide the festive period in the middle ages; with Chi being short for Christ.

So Abbey isn't be PC, he's just living in the past. :D

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ok it was a bloody tree decorated with tinsle and lights. xmas,crimbo or christ mas who cares its all commercial balls in aid of a fat bunter that breaks into your house down the chimly and leaves white and not black(soot before i get another 25%er).its in dec not bleeding oct!!!!!!

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25% warning off!!!!!!!!!!! :P

what the hell is a halloween tree? B)

Who knows, we are going the way of the Yanks and to be honest i wouldnt be surprised. I saw a house with lights on the windows but they were Halloween lights!!

Also was in city centre today and they were putting up christmas lights

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apparently they have in oxford....its called THE FESTIVAL OF WINTER LIGHTS!

Ah yes, but so what?

Christmas in Britain in 2008 will be mostly a commercial venture designed to make you buy stuff for yourself; other people (many of whom you haven't seen for months;) buy a real or artificial evergreen tree and stick a load of electric lights on it; perhaps deck out the front of your house with neon lights. Then you cook a turkey. And for the only time in the year you eat brussell sprouts. Oh and that bloke Santa Claus coming down your chimney via a sledge pulled by flying reindeer. WTF is that all about?

The Queen will deliver a televised speech which no-one will bother watching; The TV channels will show a James Bond film, indispersed with adverts for 2009 holidays. And the opening of "The Sales" at Debenhams.

It's all rubbish. It's a bit like Rovers hiring an open top bus to parade round Blackburn to celebrate the 2-2 against West Brom. And giving Paul Ince the freedom of the town on the back of that result.

None of it makes sense.

Anyway this Christmas business is largely a recent invention, the early Christian missionaries into Europe simply hijacked the existing pagan ritual which celebrated the turning of the winter solstice. There is no evidence that Jesus Christ was actually born on 25th December*. Most of the palaver comes from Victorian times, most notably the "Christmas Tree" and the buying presents rubbish. It's just grown more and more stupid over the years.

If was a Christian I'd be deeply embarrassed by all the crap that surrounds the event. But as I'm not I don't really give a toss. Apart from writing this, obviously.

So Oxford City Council can call the whole blooming thing what they want as far as I'm concerned.

Bah! humbug!

* Whereas me & OssieJones have got proof. So note your diaries & send us greetings

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We've had a 'budget Christmas' for a few years now, and it's much nicer. Tree and decorations go up a couple of weeks before. No getting into debt over Christmas presents of stuff that nobody really wants or appreciates, or pricey toys that get ignored after a day or so, just inexpensive inventive and token presents. Christmas Eve Birthday tea for youngest grand-daughter, church, family together on Christmas Day for the big meal, chill out on Boxing Day, off to the match if there is one. Can't beat it.

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