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[Archived] Free Laptop Deals

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In need of a new laptop and can't really afford to fork out for the kind I would really like.

I was thinking of taking on one of the free laptop deals with the mobile broadband such as 3G or Orange but don't really know how good the deals are.

Any experiences/advice?

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I would advise against it to be perfectly honest. If you look at the extra charge you'll pay for the rental you could easily cover the cost of a new laptop.

For example 3 will charge you £30 a month over 24 months for 5gb broadband and a HP 550 laptop. I currently have a 3 contract ang get the same mobile broadband package for £7.50 a month. So in theory you're paying £540 for a laptop which can be found for under £299 on the net.

You're best bet is probably to get a decent laptop on a 0% finance deal if you can. You'll save yourself money.

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No such thing as a free lunch........or laptop

I have an Orange Internet Everywhere contract for when I'm travelling. It's very slow but only £15/month

Personally I'd steer well clear of these deals

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