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[Archived] Looking For A Cd/hard Drive/external Hard Drive Mixer For Music

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Ok, I don't know how many of you out there will be able to help, but I am looking to buy a mixer and was wondering if anyone here knew of some good options. I'd like it to be able to run off of an external hard drive, although if it had a built in cd player or could hook up to a computer that would also be a bonus, as would having a hard drive built in. Quality is important and I'd also quite like it to be somewhat portable. My budget would be 500-1000, so not a ton, but should be enough for something decent. At the moment the only one that seems to do the job well that I know of is the IDJ2 from Numark, but it seems a bit of a toy.

So, any advice?

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Don't purchase any of the Numark stuff, all of it is like a toy, i have had previous models of Numark IDJ's and they are just a joke. I took it back within a couple of days everytime. I used a Hercules RMX at one time but that again were like a even if it were a great increase in quality. To be honest i would struggle to recommend anything to you without knowing what you want it for? Bedroom DJ'ing? Commercial/Club DJ'ing?

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The Rane TTM57SL with Serato Scratch Live looks the business, although I'm not sure it's the type of thing you are looking for. Serato Scratch is a well established software package but you'd need at least one deck for full utilisation of it's features

The TTM57SL mixer (which controls the software via a USB) is based on the TTM56i which is a well established model - the majority of DMC competitors use the 56i and DJ Shadow used to tour with one, amongst many accolades. As far as build quality goes I'd be surprised if you could find better.

The whole package is £999, although you should be able to either find one cheaper on Ebay or ring round places (decks.co.uk / djdeals.co.uk / htfr) to get a best price and then play them off each other to get it down further - I got a ton off a TTM56i about 2 years ago by doing that.

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I was told this is a good program to use


MixMeister Fusion

The next step in digital DJ creativity

MixMeister Fusion set the standard for combining live DJ performance with the pinpoint precision of the best music production software. Version 7.2 includes breakthrough new features like an enhanced timeline, improved time-stretching and support for Mac OS X.

MixMeister Fusion doesn't limit you to simply combining a few loops and grooves together; Fusion is designed to mix complete DJ sets from full-length songs. You get the functionality of a loop editor or digital audio workstation, but you can blend songs together to create stunning DJ performances.

MixMeister Fusion frees you from monotonous tasks like beat matching, setting cue points, and counting beats in your head. It gives you the power to unleash your creativity and shape your music in a million ways, with live looping and remixing, VST effects, harmonic mixing and more.

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