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[Archived] Pitch Size


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Heard Pat Nevin talking on 5-Live the other day about influential factors in team performance. He mentioned pitch size and it got me thinking ...............

Apparently ewood is the third biggest pitch in the prem at 8740 sq.yds (115x76) with the largest being Man Citeh at 8932 (116x77) and the 2 smallest being the Wonkies 7920 (110x72) and West Ham 7700 (110x70).

No then the difference between us and the hammers is a massive 13.5%. And their pitch is 8.5% more narrow than ewood. No wonder we always find it difficult to play at the boleyn! Maybe its time to decrease the size of our pitch so that it is average. A shorter, narrower pitch would suit our current style (i.e. no wingers, massive gaps between the midfield and defence/frontmen) and would also negate the advantage of some teams that have pacey/wide attacking players - it certainly cant bloody hurt! A secondary bonus would be that our corners might improve. For some time I have thought that the raised nature of the pitch, together with the upslope that corner takers must negotiate, has been to the detriment of our corner takers (it certainly hasn't been a home advantage!). A few off yds of width/length would remove the need for running uphill to take a corner.

We should do this whoever is in charge - the useless one or wrigleys man - our players demand it!

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As opposed to w*** attack football now.

Quality pick up!!!!! :lol::lol:

OK I've got it sussed now what we need to do is have one goal higher than the other like a slope in the pitch. I watched a mate play against Chard last year and on their pitch the bottom of the goal at one end is actually higher than the top of the other goal. Now they are at step 5 in the pyramid but its allowed so I wonder if it is in the premiership? Since we've got a bit more money than Chard we could make the pitch rotate at half-time so we alway play downhill.

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