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[Archived] Reserves V Liverpool Away

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Haworth cetainly knew how to beat his man and has decent pace although he wouldn't be ready to stake a claim in the first team but it's promising to see. We played alright tonight. Totally agree about Mark Bunn. He's looked good since he's joined the club. I've heard some very promising things about him.

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Because of the weather and the depression that still hung over me from the previous night at Old Trafford I opted to watch this one on Liverpool TV. It was wonderful comedy as the commentators had been given the wrong teamsheet and talked at length about Rovers' players during the first half without knowing that they were talking about the wrong person. Young Santa Cruz had become O'Keefe, Judge was Hodge, Doran was Haworth and so on.

To listen to their shamefaced admission at half-time that there had been a cock-up was TV at its best. The blame was laid at the door of the Rovers who, according to the ever reliable Liverpool TV, had changed the players shirt numbers five minutes before kick-off. Apparently the referee had agreed to this - obviously a mass conspiracy to make Liverpool TV to look foolish. If so, it worked to perfection!

The game itself was fairly routine. Doran and Judge are always lively and yesterday was no exception. Liverpool overplayed and never really carried a threat in front of goal. I thought Marcus Marshall worked hard up front alongside young Santa Cruz.

It was a good win but how many of these players will graduate to the first team is open to question. Doran and Judge look the best prospects but with the senior team struggling for Premiership survival I really can't see any of the youngsters being blooded in the near future.

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I thought it was a good battling performance from the stiffs last night, with everyone showing plenty of desire to win.

I agree about Haworth and I also really liked the look of Gunning. Good technique and a pleasing mix of defensive/attacking skills.

On the subject of Bunn, he will be a star for Rovers. As a Rovers fan living near Northampton, I have seem him in action a number of times for the Cobblers and he has everything in the locker – apart from a little bit of height.

I'm surprised he hasn't been on the bench for some of the first team games, but I'm sure it will come sooner rather than later. He's a million times better than Brown.

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