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[Archived] Paul Ince Wants 5 More Games

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Of course he does!

We have 4 easily winnable games in the next 5... 4 are easily our more winnable games of the season!

But the fact is, it's the games that are more difficult (the Liverpool's and Spurs games) that are the real test and the ones we need to be getting points in this league in with this particular manager. So why does he need more time when he has failed this particular test. Wow, you can get points against 4 teams we should be easily getting points against anyway?

I know this might sound a bit stupid, but it's such a glaring mistake that i hope John Williams realises, and i hope he takes this whole situation seriously and makes the decision regardless of who we are going to come up against.

This particular point is such a glaring mistake if true, that i felt it deserved it's own topic.

What do people think about the whole. (Ince) i need 5 more games plea? <_<

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