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[Archived] Game Of The Year 2008

Game Of The Year 2008  

57 members have voted

  1. 1. So which one?

    • Madden 09
    • Call of Duty 5 World at War
    • GTA 4
    • FIFA 09
    • PES 09
    • Football Manager 09
    • Fallout 3
    • Fable 2
    • Little Big Planet
    • Gears of War 2
    • Dead Space
    • Metal Gear Solid 4
    • None of the Above

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As requested by snatchymcsnatch and as the title says here is the Poll for Game of the Year 2008.

Choose and discuss

I am not a 360 owner but a PS3 owner but after playing and completing Gears 2 I had to go for that.

Amazing game and I loved every minute of it. If it was to come out on PS3 (which we all know it wont) I would buy it again and complete it all over again.

A shorter list than ours but anyway - click

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Guest Kamy100

Some superb games this year.

I have plumped for GTA4. It was an amazing experience playing that game from start to finish, took me well over 80 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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Cheers for that cocker

Lots to choose from. GOW2 for me is fantastic and the first game imo to make the link between game and action movie and pull it off successfully. Fallout 3 was a brutal epic but a few minor flaws just edged it out from being the best although it should be on everyones Xmas list. My heart almost went with FIFA 09 as I don't think many can argue it's at the very least as good if not better than PES09 - so much so that for the first time in my gaming life I didn't feel the need to go and purchase Evo this time round.

Brilliant games but I've had to plump for GTA IV. I'm still playing it and although I think I've done everything in the game (apart from the dating and shooting pigeons) I still pick it up regularly for a thrash round liberty city - plus the online GTA Race (with weapons) still gets a regular blast. Roll on downloadable content next year. Well done Rockstar.

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I put FM2009 purely because it's a lot more realistic this year and it's harder to get a result. A lot of people hate the fact that it's harder to score but if you tweek your tactics based on what you see on the 3D match engine, it actually helps your team produce better results. It's more of a challenge and more enjoyable when you win.

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I'd like to add NBA 2K9 to the list if possible and vote for that. If not my vote would go to Madden.

There have been some great games this year, but I feel these two sports franchises are close to getting at near-perfect sports games.

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There should be a "none of the above" as the game I have played the most this year was Lego Batman. superb entertainment.


Then you should not be eligible to vote! Those one-trick ponies at Travellers Tales have made that exact same Lego rubbish for Star Wars (twice) and Indiana Jones. It's not a game - it's the Anti-Game.

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ummm... where is Metal Gear Solid 4?

You make a good point with this one so I will add it in because I think it could get a few votes.

Eddie - I dont think the NBA game would get many votes from others so you would have to vote in the none of the above section (The same could have been said about Madden but I know a few on here are really into it so that got included)

Lets face it the list here could have gone on and on. We could have had games like Left 4 Dead/Mirrors Edge and Resistance 2 but they arnt there either

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Fifa 09 for me. lots of small improvements, but I can't see much wrong with it.

Gears of War 2 was probably second for me. The campaign and hoarde modes blew me away.

GTA4 slightly disappointed me. It all became too much unless you had the time to sit through it all. My 2 mini robbrover's sort of stopped that.

I also still enjoy CoD4 even though it is from 2007.

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