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We do have a squad good enough to stay up, but Ince should have addressed the glaring weaknesses in the summer. Instead he spent 4mill on a player who has a history of injury and bought very poor players. We needed a centre back and a right midfielder as priority, and defo a centre midfielder but one who is good enough/can play consistently.

Sorry sambo we dont have a squad good enough to stay up, that sounds like another Burnley 'myth', get real, the team needs improving IN EVERY AREA .

To believe that the squad is good enough is misplaced and highly complacent we all need to realise the severity of the current situation -the players shouldnt be overlooked with everyone focusing on Ince and his men.

We do have a squad good enough to stay up, but Ince should have addressed the glaring weaknesses in the summer. Instead he spent 4mill on a player who has a history of injury and bought very poor players. We needed a centre back and a right midfielder as priority, and defo a centre midfielder but one who is good enough/can play consistently.
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It's wierd. I was angry at 3:15pm today, but feel completely defeated and numb now. I simply can't be bothered ranting about the obvious inadequacies of Ince, Winterburn and the rest of the coaching staff - it is literally like banging my head against a brick wall. We showed some spirit in a heavy home defeat to the leaders and all the signs coming from the club this week were of solidarity. "The players are behind the manager" we were told. Well......if that is all true and that was really the best that the players and staff can do, we are relegated.

I think that's the numb, defeated feeling....relegation. I think the rot runs deep, it's in the players, management set-up, the dithering board and simply sacking Ince and scrabbling around for another manager may not be enough. There is already a gap of 5 points to safety with an apalling goals against column which effectively makes it 6 points. That is TWO wins. Not only that, it is TWO wins AND the teams above the relegation zone losing those two fixtures. We havent won for 11 games, and all those clubs ARE winning.

Rocket science it is not!

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Having a capable manager is far more important than a few key players (who the manager could man-manage but doesn't). The inconfidence in the manager (and I'm not just talking about the players) at this club is massive - and that's the bigger picture.

A high ego self centered player struggling will always look for an excuse, what happened to the highly motivated self driven player thats what the best players have in them, thats the type we need at Rovers now not this bunch of losers.

Hopefully the new manager will have the highest standards that only the players with the highest standards will end up staying.

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Are you saying that our struggling players is their own fault and nothing to do with the manager? For argument's sake, let's say we have Paul Ince as manager of Rovers, and in an alternate universe we have Jose Mourinho. Who do you think the players would be more motivated to play for?

Agree with what your saying and to add to that a higher calibre of manager wouldnt have many of these players around him as they wouldnt come up to his standard.

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. Honestly I can't think of many pundits/commentators or summarisers that reckon Ince should go. They seem to be blaming it all on the players, lack of finances and that Ince needs time to get used to his role.?

Ince is from the same playing generation as those so-called "pundits", they're looking after their mate.

Seven hours since the final whistle and still no announcement. Beggars belief.

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If we don't, why were we finishing 7th last season? Luck?

Paul Ince has brought in SIX INFERIOR players into the squad and let go TWO of the most EFFECTIVE players leave Rovers.

Add these two factors plus a plantpot mangement team into the mix have simply tipped the balance of fortune to an uncomfortable level .

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For the most part, a manager who the players had confidence in would solve most of our player problems. I think you're mad to say that we don't have Premiership quality players - evidence on the pitch suggests the just can't be arsed and are arguing because they haven't got a clue as to who's supposed to be doing what.

Let's put this into perspective - I've worked for managers in offices, one or two of which I had less motivation to work for than others, simply because I couldn't believe they were appointed managers because, well, they were crap, treated you like crap and set bad examples. I can imagine a little of what the players might be going through.

We do have premiership quality players but but not enough of them. Fully understand your point about being motivated to give that little bit extra.just my angle is some of the players arent capable of giving that thats required.

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At 5.00 this afternoon, i felt angry, upset and wanting to do something (look at my topic started)

By 10.00 i felt gutted and realised where not going to be on match of the day next year for for only the 3rd time since the premership began. Instead we'll be watching the championship on ITV. The more i think about it, the more upset and emotional i get.

If we lose against Stoke next week that'll be it. I'll give my season ticket to someone else (if anybody will have it) and boycott games until Paul Ince has gone.

The sad fact is that we'll go down this time and stay down for ever and even if we do sack Ince, what chance have we got of staying up SOUNESS AND ALLARDYCE GOD ALL MIGHTY WHAT HAVE WE COME TO.




Get your road maps out, Where off to possible SCUNTHORPE AND STOCKPORT AGAIN


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All we seem to be hearing from ex players who played with ince and from pundits is that Ince is a fighter and will rise to the challenge.We know he is a fighter. What we also know is he is devoid of any tatics. This is why we are in this mess.

The players may like Ince and respect him. BUt as we have all seen Ince can not put a game plan together. I have been pro Ince and gave him a chance. But we are running out of games.

I want Souness back.He has geniune affection for the club and will certainly bang a few heads together. The best thing about Souness he doesn't care for reputations and players like Santa Cruise, Pedersen and Nelsen would not be in the starting line at the moment. He has presence and can put game plans together.

Souness' Blue and White Army.

You all know it makes sense.

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3 points out of 33 and 2 of those achieved by injury time equalisers.

That is now a worse rate of points accumulation than Derby County managed last season.

There is no option but for Ince to be fired other than for Ince to resign first.

I wrote that the board had relegated us already after the Liverpool game by not getting rid of Ince then.

The League table tonight confirms that we are headed out of this league.

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Apologies for the poor Photoshop skills, but I've been wanting to do this since last Saturday and this week's result just tipped me over the edge. If anyone can do a "cleaner" looking version (there's a Mac plugin floating around that does it automatically if someone has a Mac) then maybe we should get flypostering.


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The most blatant errors in our very imbalanced squad:

NO RIGHT WINGER: Bentley wasn't replaced in the summer, which lead to our only competent right-back Emerton playing the right wing and the very slow Ooijer, who should be able to take a place as a center back, holds he right back position. The domino effect at it's worst.

NO CENTRAL MIDFIELD: Playing a 4-4-2 almost always demands one of the central midfielders to lay deep, almost in front of the back line to start the play with simple forward passes and help out the defence. the other central midfielder should be a more offensive running player who works from player to player in the defensive play when the opponents have the ball. Andrews is not competent enough to mask Tugays defensive flaws (Savage was) when Tugs play in front of the defensive line, and therefore our central midfield gets run trough every game. Grella (in front of the defensive line) and Dunn (attacking runs) should be our best pairing right now, but the fact that Dunn will soon be inured again and Grella probably needs a month or more to learn how to fit into English football makes the central midfield look like a bitter, black hole... Definitely our weakest part of the team.

NO COMPETITION FOR LEFT WINGER: Gamst Pedersen has been steadily declining over almost 2 years, and still he walks into the starting 11 every week since he has no competition. This gives him less motivation to sort out his game. Treacy is no serious option and Gamst knows this, he will continue to be below par until he gets decent competition.

In other words I think we dug our own grave in this summers transfer window. Time and energy was spent on other things than the essential right wing spot. Ince often makes the right choices in his starting lineups and gives player the chance to impress more than other managers, i'ts his miserable dealings in the transfer window that will condemn us, if anything.

If i were to decie, I think we should go back to a very simple 4-5-1 formation with to central midfielders in front of the defensive line, hopefully they can disguise eachothers shortcomings enough for us to be defensively solid... Rant over!

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The scary thing is that 2 of our 3 league wins have come against an Everton side full of kids and a Newcastle side who were falling apart.. The other, Fulham at home. If Ince had any decency he'd resign - but I don't see that happening. With Ince in charge there is no way on earth that we will stay up.

I just hope that John Williams and the rest of the board open their eyes and do what so obviously needs to be done, and they do it before the Stoke game because Tony Pulis knows what he's doing and with the type of football that Stoke play I fully expect them to exploit our weaknesses and heap more misery on us.

Oh how far we have fallen in such a short space of time... I remember the last day of last season and hoping for that Intertoto Cup spot

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It really does beggar belief that he hasn't been sacked yet, what are we running here? We are being humiliated by this unqualified buffoon and him and his 2 bit coaching staff are taking us for complete mugs!

11 league games without a win ffs! Ince should do the decent thing and resign but why would he when he knows that if he does walk, there will be no compensation package for his golfing trip!

He's got more excuses than the kid at school who always forgets his homework!!!!

I've watched him on the sidelines, I just stands there and looks like a lost little boy who's going to burst into tears. He doesn't know what he's doing, he doesn't even shout instructions out, all he does it drink his damn h2o!

I'm sick of him, the league table shows we are in deep trouble and if this idiot stays in charge we have no hope of surviving!

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After watching another pitiful display by the boys yesterday and IMV, the complete inept performances of Nelson, Andrews and Warnock, I wonder whether we can still pull ourselves out of this mess, AFTER we sack Ince?....

Surely JW will grow some testicles on this dangerous situation and remove the cancer, that is Paul Ince and his backroom regime of Mathais, Knox and Winterburn? I am totally disgusted and demoralised by the way we have played recently and the subsequent diabolical post-match comments made by PI... Six loses on the bounce? bloody disgraceful really.

Looking forward and post-'Paul Ince'. I am still struggling to see any positives for the rest of this season (and yes, it would be a positive alone, if Ince was sacked, but that's really not enough to fix the current situation).

1) Potentially very little transfer money available to the next manager, to improve the current squad. Ignore the fact that we may generate income by selling further first XI players, as this is not a 'given' and cannot be factored into the kitty, yet. Further to this point, will the board back the next manger with enough funds, to change our current predicament?

2) The squad's current lack of confidence and cohesive structure. Can this be changed instantly to grind out results, similar to what Redknapp has produced at Spurs?

3) If we cannot find a manger with the correct charismatic traits and a 'battler's belief' (as mentioned in the point above), are we too late, based on our precarious position in the table?

My biggest question is the candidates for the role of manager... Do we go for a caretaker, till the end of season or do we rush in to find the right candidate now and potentially do another Paul Ince move?

The future looks bleak... :angry2: --> :(

EDIT: Note; on yesterdays game... The only happy sight for me was the return of David Dunn (I thought Emerton played well).

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