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[Archived] Leeds Appoint Grayson


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Blackpool are posturing and angling for more compensation. Realistically, you can't stop anyone leaving if they've made their mind up, as us Rovers fans know all too well. Leeds offered £100k up front with the same again over a number of months/years, by not accepting his resignation Blackpool can complain to the League over an illegal approach, and the threat of legal action against Leeds and Grayson personally should drum up a fair bit more cash to make it all go away.

Parkes has stayed and will be in charge for Shef Weds away tomorrow and Wolves at home on Monday, sharing the job with the first team coach.

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Is that rule for real?

The football league has regulations which the clubs who want to play in the league have to agree to. Whilst it's not "the law" it is their competition and generally they can make up whatever rules they want - it doesn't have to be fair, right or even based on fact; just look at the goings on in Formula 1!

The regulations state

20.1 No Club shall take any steps (either directly or indirectly through any third party, including

the making of statements to the media) to induce or attempt to induce another Club’s

employee to terminate his contract of employment with that other Club, whether or not such

termination constitutes a breach of that contract.

20.2 No Club shall (either directly or indirectly through any third party) make contact with or enter

into negotiations relating to the employment of another Club’s employee.

20.3 The only exception to this Regulation is where the Club has obtained the prior written

permission of the Chairman (or in his absence, a director or the Secretary) of that other

Club. Any such permission must set out any conditions attaching to it.

This would seem quite straightforward - Blackpool certainly seem to think so from their website.

It seems Leeds offered compensation but the two clubs could not agree the amount - Blackpool describes the offer as derisory.

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