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[Archived] Stagmagulf

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may 1st weekend,any good sites to book thru,flights etc.


Christ Abbey you're not getting spliced again are you? I would have thought once bitten.......................

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I went to magaluf not so long ago, loved it!

We got a limo return to the airport as it was cheaper than a minibus.

Flew with Thomson from Cardiff, flights, 4 star hotel half board and transfers was just under £300 in August.

Very similar to when I went to Ibiza apart there are more bars and less clubs, BCM's and the square are the main attractions but check out the bars like the Lineker bar just outside. Also heaven is well worth a look!

A few of my mates were already over there for the summer, worked as bar reps, so we had some amazing deals on drinks though I think that's banned now.

Most of the clubs are pay at the door and drinks free all night and some of the bar do similar deals for an hour but then screw you by only having one bar staff trying to serve 100 people!

Great place for a stag doo, beer, sun, sea, sand and wall to wall fanny! Have fun mate!

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Tell me your not going through it again !

Once bitten ?

Stay clear of bagamuff, get to Salou on a 4 day all inclusive for £80

ABBEY says yes :lol: 3rd time lucky

Also thanks to the other posters for their input, seeing as he can't reply in person ;)

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