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[Archived] Blyth Spartans Vs Blackburn Rovers


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Get In, the FA cup is coming back to Rovers.

We are gods in this competition, man utd, Liverpool, the gooners no-one will ever beat us. No I haven't lost it, we are the only team to ever win this competition 3, yes 3 years running.

We've even done an F.A. Cup Double. 6 times winners, I could go on but as I said we are legends in this competition. Trouble is we haven't won it since 1928, so hopefully this year it'll be 91st time lucky for Rovers.

So on Monday (why is it on a Monday night) we start our journey to Wembley, our first hurdle is Blyth Spartans. Now I must confess that I took this as I expected Bournemouth to get through, but alas even the best of us are fallible, lets hope Rovers are not.

There's a rare term in football that usually raises its eager little head around this time of year, banana skin. This game is ours.

Blyth Spartans the team from the Conference North challengers to the F.A. Cup legends that are Blackburn Rovers will do battle here:

Croft Park

I have to say it looks good for that level. Lets hope the toilets are not those with the guttering at the bottom, I hate splash back.

Blyth have been around a long time founded in 1988 so its their 110th anniversary this year some feet for an always non-league team. This year however we have something in common with Blyth fans we're both in the drop zone in our respective leagues. :angry2:

This is Blyths 8th tie in the cup this year they've taken out shrewsbury and Bournemouth :angry: so far and we're next on their radar, fortunately for us somethings changed at Rovers:


Whoops, don't put BFS into google images it lies! (###### myself when a walrus came up WTF)


Yes thats him SAM'S here and with tigers like those we're ready for anything.

This game is going to be a battle for Blyth's lads its the biggest game most will probably ever play in they'll be chomping at the bit. But which Rovers will they face??? Our reserves? perhaps some of the kids will get the chance to shine. Or does that just add to Blyth chances? Here's what some familiar looking chap has to think about it all:

Fenton Talks

I'd wondered what happened to you. He'll be on the bench so we may see him.

Blyth's captain Gareth or Cheeks (does that refer to his face cheeks or the other ones???) as he's more commonly know is their top scorer he's a centre half with a speciality for long range free kicks, he's hit four this year. Bell in goal has been their star in the F.A. cup so far great performances at both Shrewsbury and Bournemouth are the reason their facing us. And then there's always Fenton, could he come of the bench and nick one at the death?

If he does you'll hear this song:

Spartans Tune

Yes guys that right Spartans are cashing in on reaching their F.A. cup final with a tune at 79p its a steal.

This will be a great day for Blyth, but a better one for Rovers as we begin our March to claiming our 7th F.A. Cup.


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I have to say it looks good for that level. Lets hope the toilets are not those with the guttering at the bottom, I hate splash back.

Im not normally in the Carlsberg stand, as i'm at the other end, but unless they have been done up in the last few year you might get splash back :lol:

At least we are in the end with the roof, I got wet at the last game.

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Rest a few regulars but not too many. Yes, we're playing Blyth Spartans, but many a big-club has chanced its arm with the ressies and paid the price. Let's see Vogel & Villanueva get some match practice though.

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Seriously if a team of ours made up of the kids on the fringes and some back-ups can't beat Blyth then we have serious problems. I know teams have come undone by doing this but blyth are conference north and I don't mean any disrepect to them thats 5 leagues below us.

Thinking about does anyone know the lowest team to beat a premiership one???

And yes Villa should get some pitch time.

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Seriously the juniors could beat this lot, I was there on boxing day and it was one of the worst performances I have ever seen, and i've been going on and off for 20 years.

Luckily with the money from the cup, all £400,000 of it! there will be a lot of players coming and going in the next few weeks.

I was at the Bournemouth game which they would have lost if it wasn't for the sending off.

I would like to see.

-------------------- Brown --------------------

Simpson ---- Zurab ---- Samba ---- Olsson

Judge ---- Haworth ---- Vogel ---- Treacy

--------------------------- Villanueva ----------

---------------- Benni ---------------------------

EDIT: I would like to see Grella in place of Haworth, but like he will be fit

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Well I think its a great chance to play the kids.





No idea why Simpson and Bert are on the left and Olsson and Treacy are on the right? :wacko:






Subs: McCarthy, Andrews, Brown, Roberts, Treacy, Emerton.

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i was saying that earlier in the week about him gettin a fair bit of stick.

and i think sam will want to have a look at treacy for definate and probably a few more bryan. we have seen a lot more of the fringe players than he has and this game is the perfect opportunity to have a look.

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I would rest all first team players for this one and give Dunn 45 minutes of game to recover his form.

-------------------- Brown --------------------

Simpson ---- Zurab ---- Mokoena ---- Olsson

Judge ----- Dunn ----- Vogel ----- Treacy

----------------- Villanueva --------------------

---------------- Derbyshire --------------------

Subs: Bunn, Ooijer, Warnock, Andrews, Tugay, Roberts, Benni

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Looking forward to this. Got my tickets. Hoping it is not the case, but all I can say, if Blyth win, then they obviously deserve to.

Will leave the team to Big Sam. Still not fully recovered from the Sunderland and City games.

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Hey guys, i read that graham fenton is with spartans now. I seem to vaguely remember him playing for us as a decent striker in the 90s. Can anyone refresh my memory on when he played for us and how he did? Thanks.

His best contribution was to score two late goals against his (and team mate Shearers) home team Newcastle when they look set to beat us and go on and win the league, 1996 I think. Hilarious scenes of massed members of the away end with no shirts on, crying .

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