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[Archived] Killzone 2

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Guest Kamy100

This is going to be the first of a few fantastic games coming to the PS3 in 2009.

Below is impressions of a game site who have played the near final build:

Developer: Gurreilla Games

Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

Also on: N/A (PLAYSTATION 3 Exclusive)

Console Played on: PLAYSTATION 3

Release Date: Friday February 27th 2009

Rating: PEGI 18

I am prepared to make a prediction right now.

Killzone 2 will be the GOTY of 2009.


Because it’s an achievement on 3 levels.

- On a Graphical Standpoint

- On a Gameplay Standpoint

- On a Technical Standpoint

Yeah, there is stuff like Heavy Rain, Halo 3: Recon, Resident Evil 5 and more but Killzone 2 won’t just live to the hype but by the looks of it, it will surpass it. GOONL!NE was invited into the multiplayer beta (sorry, no single player but expect some expect footage from the 2nd level of the game on our YouTube page this week) and we have to say, this is unlike any other first person shooter that has ever hit the consoles on a technical or graphical level.

When the game was first revealed back at E3 2005 under the guise of target footage, the crowd was wowed. We knew this game was gonna be special… only for it to be brought back down on it’s knees when it was revealed to be runnng as CGI. We knew the game was coming when we seen that trailer but does the real thing live up to the trailer shown at E3 nearly 3 and a half years ago and match it?


It surpasses it… by a mile.

In the beta, you get the choice to play as either the ISA or Helghast and you’d get 3 maps. Blood Gracht, Salamun Market and Radec Academy with Warzone being the keymode in the multiplayer beta with all of the modes in the multiplayer of Killzone 2 including rolled into one big mode in Warzone including Assassination which see’s you try to kill one of the other side or one of the other side try to kill you or a teammate, Search and Destroy which see you trying to destroy a certain objective with Search and Defend beng the exact opposite of S&D, Bodycount which is pretty much Team Deathmatch and Search and Retrieve which sees you trying to capture a certain objective to bring back to your base.

As well as them gameplay elements, there are more to expect in the final retail verison of the game and they are big enough to accommodate the smallest lot of gamers from 8 players to 32 players and the amount of players you get with the multiplayer, the most being 32 players, you can expect an epic multiplayer experience when the game is released in Februrary 2009.

But Killzone ’s biggest talking point isn’t it’s multiplayer or it’s gamelay, it’s the graphics. And simply put, I am ready to make another prediction right now like I did at the start of this preview. Killzone 2 will be the best game this gen on a techincal and graphical scale on any console or PC. They simply look amazing amazing, even better looking then any game available on the consoles right now including Uncharted: Drakes Fortune, Metal Gear Solid 4, Assassins Creed, Gears of War 2 and even Crysis.

The game runs at a solid 30FPS but the game looks so incredible, it could easily run 60FPS if it wanted to so hopefully,you will have the option to turn 60FPS on like you could with Bioshock on the Xbox 360. The enviroments around you get more dilapidated in gunfire each time, dead bodies scatter the map, it’s a nitty gritty world out there for Killzone 2, you don’t get no tutorial with online or single player, you are thrown into the deep end straight away, no one there to hold your hand, just hope that your a fast learner and get your hands dirty right away because Killzone 2 isn’t a forgiving game.

Depending on skill, your either gonna get slaugherted or your gonna slaughter them, it’s a dog eat dog world out in Helghan so it;s best you get some training in you first. You can do that by using the offline multiplayer where you can use bots to play and up the difficulty to make you improve as a player. If you wanna be known as a legend in online, this is where you start so get to it soldier.

Overall Impressions: In just over 6 - 7 weeks time, all the talk, all the hype and all the trash talk on this game stops. Killzone 2 will be ready to prove that it’s ready and willing to take on the big multiplayer guns like Gears of War, Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4 and judging from our hands on time, it’s not just ready to go, it rearing to go like a dog desperate to hump something.

All them doubts from E3 2005 can now go away, Killzone 2 is gonna be one hell of a game, it’s gonna be the Apocalypse Now of games and that’s a very big tag to fall under.

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Guest Kamy100

Quite a lot of people have said that it is better than Gear 2 in many respects as it is different experience. It requires tactics and the graphics are the best ever seen for a shooter on a console.

I guess I will play it and see what it is like, I liked Gears 2 but this does look like it is going to live upto the hype.

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Quite a lot of people have said that it is better than Gear 2 in many respects as it is different experience. It requires tactics and the graphics are the best ever seen for a shooter on a console.

I guess I will play it and see what it is like, I liked Gears 2 but this does look like it is going to live upto the hype.

Aye, I loved Gears 2 aswell and made it my game of the year (even though I dont own a 360 - no fan boy ism here) Like you say, they are a different type of game. Sure you shoot guns in both but its just not the same. Compare Gears with something like Dark Sector thats fair. Compare Killzone with something like COD 4 thats fair.

Thought it was weird for gametrailers to dip points for it not being original however games like COD 4 and Halo get extra marks for being a FPS game - those guys just dont like to see PS3 do something nice do they.

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Guest Kamy100

Yup they have always done this with PS3 exclusive games, that is why for them to go give a PS3 game 9.2 it must be good. Totally agree their argument about orginality has no substance as they contridict themselves when you look at the reviews for COD4, COD5, Gear 2 and Halo.

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Ok, my 2 penneth on the demo.

First of all I must say that I wasn't blown away with the look. I have seen pretty much every trailer for it out there so knew exactly what I was getting but I don't think that its until your immersed in the gameplay as to just how gray it is. Your men are grey. The background is gray. The enemy are gray - its all gray. In the final version I will also hopefully be able to tweak the controls because I was a little all over the place with the set up that they have in. Really hating having R3 has the zoom (everyone knows that should be L1) - EDIT - Just read that you can tweak the controls in the demo so I mustn't have looked hard enough)

Now, the demo isn't very long but gives you an idea of what to expect. My first run through was spent just looking and testing really so didn't really take to much in. The most important thing about this game I feel has got to be the AI. At times it really does feel like your opponent has a brain. Usually in an FPS game you can pretty much just wait for the enemy to pop their heads up and you can then pick them off. Not here. If you start shooting at them in one spot they move to different cover. While your picking off that guy his mate is flanking you. So you throw a grenade and he sees it and moves out of the way. I was shooting one of the guys all over the room until it really felt (from my point of view) that he had had enough of playing chicken and came running right for me. Also, its one of those games where you duck out of the action for a minute and your energy comes back. Again normally you do this in an FPS game and your fine. Here you hang back for a minute and when you look back out all their guys have moved positions or have even come right for you - I find this absolutely brilliant. It really doesn't feel like your fighting bots. Because of this I went through the demo about 5 times last night.

I look forward to the final game coming out now and the reply value I will hopefully get from it.

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I agree that the demo didn't blow me away and that it was way too short.

But on the other hand, the download would have been huge had it been any longer and the graphics in the demo are not up to the current level of the game.

The AI is superb as you said, you cannot stop in one spot for very long as the enemy tries to flank you or will throw a grenade at your position. The main problem I have is that the sensitivity is very slow even on max, but I've been told that they've adopted a realistic approach in terms of how the weapons respond and are used. For example the smg is very light were as the lmg's are slow and heavy, which is a very cleaver addition imo all though it will take some getting used to.

The controller layout is awefull so I'd suggest that those of us who have been used to playing Cod, select the alternate 2 option as this is the same controls as COD. There is also an option to adjust the zoom & aim controls so that similar to most FPS you only aim whilst holding down the L1 button.

I was dissapointed at 1st but then I played it over and over and finished of loving once I'd adjusted the controls. Just so you are aware you can pick up a single shot rifle from the guy on the roof of the office in the warehouse.

I went through the demo just using the magnum and rpg so it was a bit of a challenge.

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My mate downloaded this as a PS3 download and said it's shyte and not worth buying.

Well I think each person should play it for themselves and then see.

As its already been said if your expecting to be able to run into the middle of the room and shoot anything that moves like Cod 4 then your going to get nailed. Likewise if you stay where you are. The enemy are smart and this is what makes the game for me. They run out from behind their cover and you shoot in front of them and they will turn back and hide again unlike other games where they just stand still taking it.

Because of the above its a game that I could play over and over again as it can feel like your playing against real people rather than the computer AI.

As far as I can see the only thing lacking here is a co-op option but thats a small gripe for a game that I consider to be very good.

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