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[Archived] Bike Racks

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I am after a bike rack for the car. I have had a look around but some fit on the roof and some on the boot. Of those which fit on the boot you sometimes need a light rack and another number plate from what I've read.

Does anyone use one and if so which are the best sort? My car is the new shape astra.

Thanks :tu:

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I have used both and dont think it matter all that much...I found a roofrack gives a bit of wind resistence and more petrol consumption.but is possibly more stable...Also beware of low bridged entrances to park carparks..If find my rear rack is less stable and only feel safe( a gut feel!)if I carry two bikes max ..Police sometimes have a purge on bike racks obscuring lights and numberplates so be careful.......I find a mountain bike with wheels taken off fits in the car anyway..I also have a couple of folding bikes.one of which I keep permanently in the boot..

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This may be too late for you but the forum was closed when I spotted the question. I've had a whole variety of racks and it really depends what you want to carry.

The best, and most expensive, are the tow bar mounted types which have a frame into which you locate the wheels and the bike stands upright. Very easy to use, holds the cycle very securely in every sense and doesn't block your rear vision at all. I can highly recommend those supplied by Pendle Bike Racks http://www.pendle-bike.co.uk/. The hold their value well, I sold my six year old one for £120 a couple of years ago. These racks are excellent if you have several bikes to carry at one time.

Roof mounted racks are OK if you are tall enough to easily put the bike on the rack. If you're short, like me, you may well need help to put the bike on safely.

The Halfords type rack which simply hangs over the tailgate is very adequate for casual use of one bike. Any more than one and I wouldn't use it.

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