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[Archived] Strikers

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Thought I'd start up a new thread where we could discuss Roque's potential replacement.

We've been linked with a whole host of strikers.







Who would you prefer out the lot. Hoping we get £20million for Roque.

I wouldn't mind Crouchy as he's been in a relegation battle before and also has more technical ability on the ground than Janko and Zigic. Darren Bent gives us another option instead of height, but us that what we need?

Your views?

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Rogue to stay would be my first choice.

If not I'd be quite happy to see Bent come in, think he could flourish at a club like Rovers.

Also excited about what I've heard about the Russian and Dzeko so either of those would be possibles.

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I would be tempted by Bent but Diouf already offers us a certain amount of what he would give us. If Roque goes then I guess Crouch is the logical choice, although expensive. Janko sounds like a good player.

To really get the best out them we need to buy a supplier as well... If we could sign Crouch and Bentley that would be amazing! But then again that is hardly likely to happen.

I will be more than happy with keeping Roque. I think he will continue to play well.

A strike force choice of Roberts, McCarthy, Diouf and Cruz is exceptionally good provided they are all on form.

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Dzeko would be my first choice, coupled with a new quality midfielder purchased with a chunk of the remaining money.

Edit: Bent in a player + cash deal would probably be my second choice. If we could get them to throw in Lennon or Huddlestone too then even better.

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We don't have to sell any of them in this window.

I meant that I wish that we had enough money to strengthen our team without selling.

You have to admit that we are weak in other areas which needs to be addressed and we don't have the cash to do anything about it.

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The problem is all our strikers are in some way " hold up players " , their first movement is usually back towards the ball when it's passed from midfield. What we need is a Bellamy/ Defoe/ Michael Owen as was type striker whose first movement is away from the ball and in behind the defence. I don't know enough about the foreign players we've been linked with but Crouch doesn't fit my bill, his first movement is also towards the ball. Darren Bent is probably more inclined to get in behind the back four of the players mentioned. Eubanks -Blake looks handy but can he play at our level ? Robbie Keane can do both but he's not coming to Rovers any time soon.

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