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[Archived] Spurs Played Ineligible Player Against Bolton

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Thought I'd bring this to your attention:

Tottenham Hotspur are in real danger of having points docked for illegally playing Wilson Palacios in their Premier League clash against Bolton Wanderers yesterday.

The Honduran international was serving a ban for his former club Wigan Athletic, and there are rumours that because he played in yesterday's game, legal action should be taken against Spurs.

The suggestion is that if Palacios was still a Wigan player, his ban would have finished on 31st January, but because he moved to White Hart Lane, the ban should see him cup tied for Carling Cup and FA Cup games, meaning his ban should be carried over these games.

Therefore, his fixture list should read:

Wednesday Jan 21 2009 Burnley CC (A) (cup tied)

Saturday Jan 24 2009 Manchester United FA (A) (cup tied)

Tuesday Jan 27 2009 Stoke City (H) (suspended)

Saturday Jan 31 2009 Bolton Wanderers (A) (suspended)

Sunday Feb 08 2009 Arsenal (H) (ban lifted)

This news was revealed by a Wigan fans' website, and it is not known whether the Premier League will take legal action against Spurs, but what seems certain is that Palacios should have been made unavailable to Harry Redknapp and therefore should not have been played in the 3-2 defeat against Bolton yesterday.


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If true - be interesting to see what the FA do - I suspect the clue is in their initials.

However - the mess they made of the West Ham saga - may make them rethink this. The FA really need to get their act together and agree set penalties for misdemenours - there is so much money at stake now, nobody will go down without a legal fight if there is room to do so.

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Ha! Spurs? In trouble with the FA? Keith Andrews made England captain? Christiano Ronaldo has bought a Dacia Sandero? Everyone on this messageboard has buried the hatchet with eachother and agreed to take eachothers points of view seriously and not resort to petty arguments? Etc...


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