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[Archived] So Then "brownie" The Year Has Finally Come...

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...when the Clarets swap divisions with Rovers.

I can only compare the current Burnley team with Arsenal of a few seasons ago. Rovers are more like tripe. There is no question who would win if we played you now, also there is no question that we will miss playing you in the Premiership next year.

Burnley pride of Lancashire.

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If you really think that Rudolf then nip into Ladbrokes and see what odds you get. I'm sure they'll be pleased to see you.

I don't think we'll go down and I can't see burnley coming up either. Although they may have a chance in the play offs if they get there if I'm being honest. That's IF they get there. You'd have been better off posting this about 2 months ago by the way, burnley's league form isn't very good is it.

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Another troll, but, go on, I'll bite...

You can only compare the current Burnley team with the Arsenal team of a few years ago?

Who are you kidding!

I can compare them with a few things...but not any Arsenal team I've ever seen.

When you say a few years ago is it because you can't count back that far? I presume that your thoughts processes go something like this...One...erm, is it two next?...oh, hell, erm, a few?...

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