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[Archived] Those Things You'd Like To Do But....

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This from New Zealand:

"New Zealand police are trying to track down a vigilante who has been filling car exhausts with expanding foam to stop hoons in their tracks.

The local newspaper in the South Island city of Blenheim received an anonymous letter from a person calling themselves 'The Phantom Expander'.

The editor of the Marlborough Express, Lance Dodd, says the 'Phantom' has it in for hoons.

"He went on to say that he was now taking action and squirting builder's foam, the expanding foam that sets hard, into the exhausts of these cars," he said.

"I drive a Holden Barina," he added. "I should be safe."

'The Phantom Expander' has targeted 12 cars, one of which belonged to a police officer."

Must admit to a little chuckle.

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