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[Archived] John Cooper Clark


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Time to breathe fresh life into this one.

I was watching TV the other night and happened to see the start of The Culture Show (don't make a habit of these things you understand ;) ). Anyway there was a 10 minute piece about the Bard and what he's up to these days. Don't know how long this link will last, but there's a vid of him performing Beasley Boulevard - the modernised Beasley Street - here

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I was due to see him supporting The Fall in October but he pulled out at the last minute, rumour was that his wife had left him. he is a comic genius though. Last time I saw him one of his jokes was as follows:-

"How can you tell you're at a Burnley wedding?.......All the guests sit on the same side of the church......boom boom"

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Seen him loads of times mainly opening for Joy Division and The Fall.

The last time was 4 years ago in Islington.We bombarded him with shouts of "Hollands pies.Warburtons bread"Daft I know but Clark seemed to be amused.

Evidently chicken town was used on the Sopranos a couple of years ago,great tune.

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