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[Archived] Cup Replay Vs Coventry

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on when the game is and when tickets are on sale... Heard ticket prices £20 - not bad really - thought Cov would have taken opportunity to up their prices as will have their once a year sell out when a big club (their perception prior to yesterday !) comes along.

They can't just up their ticket prices as they have to be agreed by both clubs in the cup. Also if you were a Cov fan would you be happy paying more just to play Blackburn in the cup?

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Why dont you just have a look on the Rovers website ... if that is to much work for you, click here

Apologies JWU but yesterdays performance has left me feeling like the players must do.

Can't be arsed myself but will rely on another member to do it for me.

Thanks for the link mind and getting a ticket should be a piece of pish !!!!!!

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For someone who has never been to watch a Rovers game yet, what is the best way to go about getting tickets for this game? Will it be easy or a little more complicated?


tickets go on open sale from this thursday, 19th. just ring the ticket office, on thursday,

0871 222 1444 ,

theyll put you on the database and then sell you a ticket.

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