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[Archived] Manchester United Preview

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Wasn't sure on the best place to post this (please merge with the preview thread if there is going to be one). But I've seen some cracking odds for first scorer at Old Trafford. Don't think we'll win, but we've scored first a couple of times at Old Trafford (Pedersen and Derbyshire). We even scored three times in the league cup albeit against an under strength team.

McCarthy 14-1

Santa Cruz 14-1

Roberts 16-1

Diouf 20-1

Villanueva 22-1

MGP 25-1

Dunn 28-1

Andrews 40-1

Treacy 50-1

Tugay 50-1

Givet 66-1

Grella 66-1

Warnock 66-1

The Axe 80-1

Nelsen 80-1

Ooijer 80-1

Zurab 100-1

I think some of those are very over-price due to Uniteds recent defensive record.

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They posted odds about 4 games or so on the next team scoring a league goal against Man Utd, at the time we were about 12/1 which I fancied considering some of the teams they were playing and the fact that we have seemed to come up with goals against them in the past. Didn't think it was worth it at that price though, could well of been now though!

I fancy us to get a goal against them, whether or not its the first or a consellation at the end is another thing but some of those prices are worth a shout.

How about Nelson finally chipping in with one and grabbing the opener at 80/1, stranger things have happened!

I can only hope we score a very debatable offside goal with a foul in the buildup finished off with a nice handball, I think the Mancs would really appreciate it.

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Don't you just hate it when you have a relative who is a lifelong united fan?

My father is going to give me some right stick this weekend and into next week when we get hammered. :rolleyes:

I feel for you my friend. My dad is also a lifelong red, as is my girlfriend and all her family. Every cup draw they want Rovers, just so they can give me stick. We had a good little run against them, but these fixtures have been pretty miserable in my house for the last few years.

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I was wondering if the lack of thread for the United match was symbolic of us all dreading it.

It's like being at school knowing your about to get thumped by someone "harder".

But the best way to deal with a bully is to get the first punch in (even if he is wearing full armour and we have a loincloth).

In other words, I don't mind if we get smashed, but I'll be mighty pi55ed off if we bend over and hand them the lube without getting at least some feisty jabs in in the process. The thing disappointing me at the mo is the opposition attitude of Blackburn having "been hard to beat in the past".

Come on fellas!!! Lets let 'em 'ave it. Both barrels. :brfcsmilie:

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Have a mate who i've known since were were 6 year old younguns, he being a United fan and myself being a Rovers fan... over the years our banter has become less competitive, as the gulf between the clubs has widened. Means saturday shouldn't be too painful.... i'd be happy if we lost 2-0, at least the GD wouldn't be hit too badly. United are the best team in this division by a very long way, and we're a shell of our former selves... sadly can't see us even nicking a draw from this one.

I'd love for Sam and the lads to surprise me for once, mind.

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My only glimmer of hope is that United had a midweek game this week and have a European match next week - they tend to take the foot off the accelerator at times like this.

And with the way the Glazers are weakening them, they should be ripe for the picking!

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I had a dream on tues night that rovers will win 3-1.

Sounds out of reach but it felt so real! I put a bet on it just

In case!

Bet you got some funny looks in the bookies.

This is gunna be so tough, best option is everyone behind the ball, work them hard, put the ball in the box at every chance. Play for corners and free kicks...oh and pray to lord above that this band of fantastic footballers take pity on us and keep the score down.

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Much as it pains me to say it United are tremendous at the moment. It is hard to see what we can do to deal with them.

We need to keep it tight and play well. If we lose but put in a good motivated performance that will do me. A goal would be great. THats about all we can hope for.

Absolutely no idea what Sam is going to go for formation wise.








That pace of that back four Ronaldo/Rooney/Tevez will eat for breakfast!

If Warnock does play in midfield he will have to do a lot better than he did at Coventry. He did play there against Utd earlier in the season and did a decent job.

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