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Being a complete novice on the drink Port I was looking for some advice please?

Which would be a nice Port to get in the bracket of £30-40? Or is that too low?

Developed a taste for it recently but the stuff I've been getting round here wasn't as nice as what I had with the forces in Germany when I spent 3 weeks there last year.

Much obliged


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In terms of fairly easy to find names and decent prices Taylor's and Churchill's are pretty good. Fonseca is also not bad. For 30-50 you should easily be able to afford a very good bottle and you could be looking at going into vintage selections.

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I drink Grandfathers by Penfolds, really good stuff otherwise if you have a bit more cash try Great Grandfathers. Obviously Galway Pipe is a gime.

Also if you like Port, try something like a Fortified Muscat "Muscat Blanc Petits Grains" or "Morris Black Label Liq Muscat"

If you want a REAL treat, find Marsala "Vergine e/o Soleras Stravecchio e Vergine e/o Soleras Riserva" (had to check Google for exact spelling)

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I love port , especially vintage, and it is also a good investment. Bought 3 x bottles of Graham's 1983 vintage for £25 around 5 years back and they now retail at the £65 mark....even better I was given a bottle of the same by a grateful person only last week. Once decanted (try coffee filter paper) drink within 2 days max.

Try Niepoort which you can get from Booths. fantastic vintages (and the best investments I have made, + 100% in 2 years if you lay it down rather than drink) and a lovely white port to be served chilled as an aperitif at a reasonable price of around £8.

if possible try a little known Dutch owned port house called Kopje, magnificent.......................... :rolleyes:

Paul, fancy cracking a bottle open one evening, it would help you chill out after the garbage served up at Ewood !!

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What a waste of port. There's no accounting for taste!

Don't use any of Preston Blue's recommandations for that shyte. I'd think a schooner of Yates's sweet australian white wine would do fine for that. Pearls before swine springs to mind.

btw where's Oklahoma when we need him?

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