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[Archived] Goal Of The Season

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Seems a good list, we haven't scored many other good goals. As it stands, have to give it to Andrews because of the significance of the goal as well as the quality of the strike. Things would look even worse if we were 1 point worse off and West Brom had 2 more.

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Rather than cluttering the Player Of The Season thread... Off the top of my head:

Dunn vs Everton

Tugay vs Pompy

Andrews vs West Brom

Warnock vs Aston Villa

Emerton vs Aston Villa

Mokoena vs Sunderland

Roberts Vs Fulham was a good one and maybe santa's at Man Utd

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Villanueva's against Grimsby was quite good - although not reaching the levels of Moko's goal. I still can't believe he did that.

Didn't Moko's take a deflection though?!

Dunn's against Everton wins for me.

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It was a daisy cutter along the floor. It wasn't exactly a screamer but it was outside the box so it's up there.

Ah yes. We still lost, and Ince should have been sacked after, but wasn't. I remember now.

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