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[Archived] Stoke City Preview 18th April

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OK it's friday and I'm at the right end of several pints of truth-serum so here goes. I'm probably in a minority of one but ...

[standing up] ... "My name is TimmyJimmy and I'm a Grella fan". "Hi TimmyJimmy".

I think if he's fit then this is a must play game for Gella, it's made for him. He's a tough aggressive tackler who has top class vision for the pass. No ones going to intimidate him and he's creative. Against Stoke he would be a game winner.

I can hear the derision already, but hey that's my view. If he plays then we win!

Back to the bar.

I haven't seen enough of him to argue, but I'm quite encouraged by your point of view. Looking at his wiki entry, it only mentions injuries during his time with Torino. Parma made him their captain, so presumably he was getting plenty of games for them. I hope you're right, because a £4m midfielder living up to that price tag would be huge for us for the rest of this season.

I think we win today, 2-1.

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Rev, it probably is a must win in reality but I darten't look at it that way or I may cry ha

One thing is for sure Newcastle and Boro have must must must win games this weekend, if they both lose it could be curtains.

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The long throw is gonna damage us, i can see us doin what we tried to do last match.

Well if he does that we should be relegated, if we cant go out there with the confidence to beat stoke then not much point in being in the prem, stoke are a physical team and there disciplinary record isnt great, if we get in ther face and rough them up the fans get on their backs and they play worse maybe even get a player sent off. I hope sam has done his homework.

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The order of the names suggest 4-5-1, but there's no reason it couldn't be Givet, Nelsen, Ooijer, Andrews; Pedersen, Mokoena, Warnock, Diouf; McCarthy, Samba.

They always put the players names in order of position though, I'm sure.

I seem to remember Samba was last or second to last when we played Liverpool showing he was a striker.

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